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Not to be confused with William from Wii Sports Club.

Will Portrait.JPG
Title None
Gender Male
Favorite Color Orange
Level N/A
CPU Rank N/A

Will is one of the Miis that appear in Wii Sports Resort, but not as a CPU Mii. In fact, he is a preview Mii.


  • Will is the second preview Mii to appear in the September 2020 Nintendo leak.
    • Even though Will is wearing a Wii Music outfit alongside the other preview Miis, he is no where to be seen in Wii Music or any previews or promotional pictures of said game.
  • He doesn't appear in any video previews in Wii Sports Resort.
    • Therefore, this makes him the only Preview Mii to not appear in any video previews.
    • Although he doesn't appear in any video previews, he can be seen in a image preview of Wakeboarding and Power Cruising.