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"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

This article is protected. You must have either admin's or content mod's rights to edit this page.

Meanwhile, feel free to explore & edit other pages!

Our staff will enforce these rules and guidelines as needed.

Note: These rules may fluctuate over time. These rules and guidelines are listed, but not limited to, the following:

Ban Timetable

Types of Ban Expiry Time
Warning None
Minor ban 1 week – up to 2 months
Moderate ban 2 months – up to 4 months
Major ban 4 months – up to 1 year
Permanent ban (Permaban) None

For warnings to moderate bans: You can still edit your profile page and/or message wall.

For major bans to permabans: You're unable to edit your profile page and/or message wall.

User Rules

  • To be able to make edits, you must sign in or create an account first. Anonymous editors are no longer allowed here due to the risk of vandalism.
  • As per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA, see here for details), you must be at least 13 years old to create an account or use the wiki. Users caught lying about their age or admitting to being underaged will receive a permanent ban and reported to FANDOM staff.
  • Do not edit, message, etc. here with an inappropriate username or profile picture. (A permaban will be placed immediately, unless the user changes their username/profile picture, or if they create another account with an appropriate username.)
  • Never post comments or images that depict graphic depictions of blood, gore, suicide, murder, and/or any NSFW content.
  • Never use bigoted slurs or discriminate against users racially, religiously, sexually and/or mentally. Repeated slurs will result in a permaban.
  • You can edit most of the pages. However, some of the pages are protected and to be able to edit their pages, you must follow the requirements. To see lists of protected pages, click here.
  • Do not come here to protest to the admins about another user being blocked. This counts as white-knighting. Blocked users always have a reason why they're blocked.
  • Do not come here to harass users. This is considered outside drama and you will get blocked.
  • No loopholes. If you find a loophole in these rules and exploit it, we will know that you're just being a jerk, and we will take swift action accordingly.
  • Minimodding, or acting like an admin when you do not have admin rights is discouraged on this wiki. Only admins and discussions mods can tell people what to do, and only admins can block people. If you see something that seems like it is breaking one of our rules, please let an admin know.
  • Sockpuppeting is the act of creating multiple accounts usually to evade a ban or cause disruption, is against the rules. It will generally result in permabans on the socks and an extended ban on the original account. (Note: If you wish to use more than one account for harmless reasons, please obtain permission from an admin first.)

Sockpuppetry is only allowed under these circumstances:

  • If your account has an inappropriate username and you've renamed your account before.
  • If you've disabled your account and wanted to make a new one.
  • If you use that account for another wiki.
  • If you've vandalized this Wiki and that you've apologized by telling the admins. However, repeating previous transgressions will result in a ban being re-enforced.

You'll lose your role based on your inactivity.

  • If you're an Admin, you will get demoted within 5 months of inactivity.
  • If you're a Moderator, you will lose it within 8 months of inactivity.
  • If you're a Bureaucrat, you will lose it within 9 months of inactivity.
  • You may gain your role back if you ask one of our admins, but it is not a guarantee.
  • Since bureaucrats can demote themselves, certain users can ask bureaucrats to demote themselves if they think the bureaucrat has abused their rights. If the bureaucrat refuses, a demotion voting will be made and Fandom Staff will be contacted to remove the rights.

Article Rules

  • Do not vandalize pages, including turning pages into memes. (Warning to major ban, depending on severity. Repeated vandalism will result in permaban.)
    • Vandalism is, but is not limited to:
      • Deleting some or all content on a page.
      • Renaming pages to unrelated or inappropriate things.
      • Deleting important pages entirely.
    • Spam is putting unnecessary or repeated text on pages.
  • Spam is not tolerated. Spam of any kind on articles will be deleted and will be dealt with by the admins. (Warning to major ban, depending on severity. Constant spamming will result in permaban.)
  • Avoid unnecessary or duplicate categories. (e.g. "Black Miis", "Wii CPUs", "Blue Females", etc.) (Warning to moderate ban, category/categories deleted.) The wiki is cracking down on this rule. For more information on what kinds of categories are allowed and not allowed, see here.
  • Please make sure to post canon infos only to the wiki(Warning to permaban, depending on the severity of the offense).
  • The difference between fanon and canon: Fanon includes memes, lies, estimate info, and incorrect facts. canon is the opposite of fanon.
    • What is deemed canon information is information that has been released in Nintendo games or events that contain CPU Miis.
    • Anything that comes from a fanon source is anything that has appeared on social media websites. Fanon also includes personal fanfiction or "facts" that are otherwise unsourced.
  • Do not make pointless edits. (i.e. adding a space, category or picture and then removing it). This is considered fluff editing.
    • Fluff Editing, or "cutting, saving, then pasting, saving an article multiple times to gain edit points and/or badges" is considered cheating.
    • Adding pointless trivia, such as "Steve and Oscar both like light green and have the same hairstyle", is considered unnecessary. (Warning to moderate ban, depending on severity and frequency of offenses)
  • On this wiki, we standardize American English. For instance, "colour" would be spelled "color", "labour" would be spelled "labor", etc. We also use American version names for Wii Party / Wii Party U minigame titles.

Comments Section and Discussions Rules

  • No spamming. (Warning to minor ban depending on severity. Constant spamming will result in a normal ban to permaban, comment(s) deleted.)
  • Bigoted slurs, especially towards users, will not be tolerated in any way. (Warning to major ban depending on severity, comment(s) edited or deleted.)
  • While minor swearing is allowed, please keep it to a minimum in posts and do not direct it at any user. (Warning to ban depending on severity, should the swearing be directed at a user.)
  • Advertising, especially spam advertising, is not allowed at all unless it has to do with the topic. (If spam/spambot material; Warning to major ban/permaban depending on severity, comment(s) deleted.)
  • Avoid fights and flame wars. (Warning to minor/major bans to contributors, fight(s) deleted.)
  • Absolutely no cyberbullying of any kind is allowed here, as you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. This goes out for all users. Anyone caught bullying others intentionally will be warned, and bans will happen if continuous bullying happens (Warning to major ban, depending on severity. Constant bullying or racial offenses will result in permaban, comment(s) edited).
  • Do not abuse the report feature. Frequently reporting comments you disagree with or are from users you dislike count as flaming. (Warning to ban, depending on severity.)
    • If reporting a comment, please state how the comment is breaking the rules. We take any report seriously.