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Wii Party boxart

Wii Party is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. The game heavily borrows game play elements from the Mario Party series, another Nintendo franchise. It is also the first game in the Wii series that Shigeru Miyamoto did not produce. The game was released in Japan on July 8, 2010, in North America on October 3, 2010, in Australia on October 7, 2010, and in Europe on October 8, 2010. Wii Party was first revealed by Satoru Iwata in a Financial Results Briefing on May 7, 2010. It has met with mixed to positive reviews from critics and sold 7.94 million copies worldwide as of March 2012. A sequel, Wii Party U, was released for the Wii U on October 25, 2013 Which is still big to this day. This game has all Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort CPU Miis, who are encountered as NPCs in certain game modes, and are separated into different difficulty categories consisting of Beginner, Standard, Advanced, Expert, and Master (For example, Patrick is encountered as a Beginner Mii while Cole is encountered as an Advanced Mii.)


  • For some reason, the outfit colors of some of the Miis on the cover correspond with their favorite colors of the respective Miis rather than their player color like they do in-game.

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