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The NTSC version of the cover.

Wii Music is a music-based video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It was released on October 16th, 2008 in Japan, October 20th, 2008 in North America, November 13th, 2008 in Australia and November 14th, 2008 in Europe. Wii Music was directed by Kazumi Totaka, who composes music for many Nintendo games, though he did not for Wii Music. Wii Music sold 2,860,000 units as of December 2014. Unlike the other games in the Wii Series, Wii Music never got a sequel.

Gameplay (Jam)


Improvs are times where you can improve songs in the game.

Quick Jam

Get to the music quickly by simply choosing an instrument and playing with the tutes!

Custom Jam

In Custom jam, up to 4 players can connect their own Wii Remote and join in by playing a remix of one of the 50 songs. There are a total of 6 musicians, one for Chords, Melodys, Harmonies and Bass as well as two for percussion. Unlike many music titles such as Guitar Hero or Elite Beat Agents, you don't have to play in time or tune with the music, as most of the game is ad libbed.

You can choose 11 different styles in Custom Jam: Rock, Pop, March, Jazz, Classical, Hawaiian, Reggae, Latin, Tango, Japanese, Electronic.

After you record your music, you design a Sleeve for your song, which allows you to set the background, frame and positions of your Miis on the sleeve, followed by rating the song out of 100. Finally, you watch a replay of your song before it sends you back to the main menu.

Gameplay (Lessons)

Jam Basics

Jam Basics is the tutorial of Wii Music and plays when you first start the game. It introduces you how to play Instruments, design Sleeves for your Videos and Jam Sessions. It also introduced Sebastian Tute and the other Tutes.

= Jam Mastery

The last lesson on an instrument to show that you mastered the instrument.

Gameplay (Minigames)

Mii Maestro/Open Orchestra

In Mii Maestro/Open Orchestra, players conduct a orchestra by waving the Wii remote to play one of 5 songs. The faster you swing the wii remote, the faster the tempo is. In Multiplayer, you have to conduct the same orchestra at once and are scored based how harmoniously the conductors perform. After you play all 5 songs, you unlock a Harp as well as The Legend of Zelda.

Handbell Harmony

In Handbell Harmony, players have 2 handbells that they must chime in by shaking the Wii Remote or Nunchuck at the right time. When the song ends, players are scored on how many notes they got right out of 100. There are a total of 5 songs, and when you play them all, you unlock the Park Square stage.

Pitch Perfect

In Pitch Perfect, players must complete a series of tests about music, such as what Mii played the lowest note or what Mii played the incorrect note. There are a total of 8 levels in Pitch Perfect and when you beat them all, you unlock the Music Room stage. In Multiplayer, players are picked at random to answer a question.


There are a total of 47 playable songs in Wii Music. 8 Classical, 22 Traditional, 13 Popular songs, 7 Game songs, as well as 3 Unused songs.


There are a total of 66 Instruments in Wii Music.



How to unlock

Electro Stage- a stage with an illuminated background, if the player played video game music on this stage, the background will change in a special way. unlocked from the start.
Music Mountain- a stage set on a mountain rage. unlocked from the start.
Live Club- a stage inside a concert room. unlocked from the start.
Sweet Stage- a stage on top of a giant birthday cake. unlocked from the start.
Beachside Drive- a stage set on a truck driving past the beach. complete the rock mastery lesson.
Harmony High Rise- a stage set in an apartment building. complete the pop mastery lesson.
Galactic Voyage- a stage set in space. expand your style for the first time.
complete all Mii Maestro songs.
Park Plaza- a stage set in the center of a park. complete all Handbell Harmony songs.
Music Room - a stage set in a music classroom. complete all Pitch Perfect stages

Game Modes



Quick Jam

Custom Jam



Mii Maestro

Handbell Harmony

Pitch Perfect


Wii Music received mixed or average reviews according to Metacritic with a score of 63. The highest critic score was from 1UP who gave it a 91/100, with the lowest coming from Game Revolution who gave it a 25/100. The user scores where far lower, being generally unfavourable with a score of 4.7.


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  • The stage Music Mountain resembles the location of the Wii Party minigame Strategy Steps.
  • Sebastian Tute wasn't the instructor in the beta version of the game. If we go into pictures of early versions of the game, we can see a Mii with a red afro who was supposed to take Sebastian's role in the game. Internal datas name this Mii "Michael Tutori". Despite not appearing in the game, he has official artwork and appears on the Japanese and European box art.

    Michael Tutori

  • Sebastian Tute is possibly modeled after Johann Sebastian Bach, who was a famous German composer and musician.
  • If you give your song a score of 0 on the Popularity Points meter Sebastian will look shocked and will say, "Wh-what?! Oh! I mean...uh...nothing."
    • Otherwise, he will nod and say "I see...".
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