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Not to be confused with Wii Fit or Wii Fit U.

The North American version of the cover.

Wii Fit Plus (Wiiフィットプラス Wī Fitto Purasu) is an exergame released on the 1st of October 2009 in Japan, the 4th of October 2009 in North America, the 15th of October 2009 and the 30th of October 2009 in Europe for the Wii.

It is a follow-up to Wii Fit and introduces several new training games as well as My Wii Fit Plus and multiplayer.

New Yoga

New Strength Training

Balance Games

Aerobics Games

Training Plus Games

Other New Features

  • My Wii Fit Plus
    • Wii Fit Plus Routines
    • My Routine
    • Favorites
    • Calories check
    • Calorie goal
  • Switch Mii
  • Calories burned
  • METs
  • Scale challenge
  • Weigh Pets and Babies
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Simple test
  • Waist and steps
  • Save time


Wii Fit Plus received generally favorable reviews according to Metacritic with a score of 80.(citation needed) The highest critic score came from 1UP and Official Nintendo Magazine UK which both gave it a 91/100, (citation needed) and the lowest coming from Eurogamer Italy which gave it a 60/100. The user scores where lower, with a score of 7.4 (citation needed).

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