Wii Fit Plus (NA)

The North American version of the cover.

Wii Fit Plus (Wiiフィットプラス Wī Fitto Purasu) is an exercise video game released in 2009. It's a follow-up to Wii Fit and introduces several new game modes.

New Yoga

  • Spine Extension
  • Gate
  • Grounded V

New Strength Training

  • Balance Bridge
  • Side Lunge
  • Single-Leg Reach

Balance Games

Aerobics Games

Training Plus Games

Other New Features

  • My Wii Fit Plus
    • Wii Fit Plus Routines
    • My Routine
    • Favorites
  • Calories burned meter
  • Weigh Pets and Babies
  • Multiplayer modes

External Links

Wii Fit Plus Info Video

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