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English version of the cover.

French version of the box art.

Wii Chess is a chess game released for the Wii. This game received a physical release exclusively in PAL regions. And in Japan, it was called World Chess. It could be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. Wii Chess is the only game in the Wii series which never got a release outside than PAL and Japan. Unlike all other Wii Series games, this one does not feature at all Mii's.


Play Vs COM

The gameplay is the same as playing a regular chess game; put the enemy King into checkmate. If you want, you can choose different backdrops and pieces to play with. You can play against a CPU or another person. You can also set the difficulty level of the CPU.

A game of chess.


When you finish a round of Wii Chess, you can save replays and watch and analyze them later if you want to.

Nintendo WFC

Before the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shut down, you could play Wii Chess online with other people. This is the only game in the Wii Series on the Wii that has Wi-Fi capabilities.