Steph as the boss of this stage.

Waterfall Reverse is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Steph. This is the seventeenth stage.

The next stage is Cliff Reverse.

This is a reverse stage.

This stage has 70 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Waterfall.


Green Armor

Gold Armor

Red Armor

Purple Armor Thin

*Jackie and Maria are way more aggresive compared to the red Miis.

Black Armor

Black Armor Boss


  • This is the first Reverse stage that has Green Armor Miis.
  • This stage has 36 Red Armor Miis, the most of any stage.
  • This stage is the third stage to feature every color of Armor, the second being Castle and the first being Ruins.
  • Only Master Miis appear in Black Armor here.
  • Like it's Normal Version, if a Mii falls into the water, a parachute will quickly float the Mii away.
  • This is one of the few stages that have the Boss from the Normal version and the Reversed version wearing the same type of Black Armor, both wearing the Obese type of Black Armor.
    • They both also have the same headshape, skin color, nose and facial feature (double chin).
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