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Water Runners
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Wii Party U


2-4 players


"Use your Wii Remote as a ladle and scoop water from the GamePad in Water Runners. The first player to fill up the glass bottle wins the game. Don't spill a drop!"

Water Runners is a House Party mode from Wii Party U about taking water from the Gamepad, displayed as a river, and returning it to the TV.


All players must have a Wii Remote. The Gamepad is taken away from the TV and placed on a stable, safe surface without losing connection. To confirm the position, all four players must point their Wii Remote at the Gamepad so that their spoon appears on the screen. After this, players must return to the TV to begin!


Starting at the TV, players must take their Wii Remote (shown in game as a spoon) to the Gamepad and point at it to scoop some water out. After that, players take their water and must return to the TV to pour it into their jar. This is repeated until one player fills their jar up to the line.

Then, while players are taking water back to the TV, they can easily spill water if they handle the Wii Remote too roughly. They must keep their Wii Remotes balanced and still on the way back to spill as little water as possible. They must complete this course multiple times.

The first player to fill the jar up to the line is the winner. They can then choose to play again and change the course around customly.


Take the Wii Remote to the Gamepad to scoop some water, then bring it back to the TV while trying not to spill it by keeping it balanced. Once you get back to the TV, tilt the Wii Remote to pour the water into the jar.

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