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Here are all Stamps listed in Wii Sports Resort - Wakeboarding.

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Huge Air:

Score 100 points on a single jump! Build up your speed and pull off some massive air.

Bag of Tricks:

Land seven or more different kinds of jumps on a single run. Try changing your speed and length of your approach to the wake to pull off different jumps.

Smooth Landing:

Land 10 jumps in a row. Even if you pull off an amazing jump, it won't mean anything if you don't land it right. Keep your board flat when landing.

Master Carver:

Score 1,000 points or more on the Expert Level without hitting any obstacles.

The Long Way Home:

Land 50 jumps and wakeboard all the way around Wuhu Island in Free-Cruising mode. You have to complete a course afterwards to get the stamp.