Matt as the final boss.

This is the last stage from Swordplay Showdown, following Castle Reverse. If you complete this stage you get a stamp saying that you have completed all the stages in Showdown. The boss of this stage is Matt.

This stage has 70 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Volcano.


Gold Armor

Red Armor

Purple Armor

Black Armor

Black Armor Boss


  • In this stage, the sword fighters' swords, which are supposed to be red, end up appearing light purple because of the light in the volcano. The same is true with Volcano.
  • This stage has more Black Armored Miis than any other stage, having 13 (Not including Matt the Boss).
  • Each black is very hard except for Matt, Eduardo, and Rin (Matt: Nearly impossible Eduardo/Rin: Hard).
  • While the other black armored Miis have thin legs and thin knee pads, Mike, Chris, and George are seen wearing the same armor with thick legs and thick knee pads like the rest of the black armored bosses.
  • Being that this is the final and hardest stage, the Miis encountered in it, some more than particular, are a lot more aggressive and thus harder to beat. Many Miis will strike the very moment they get close to the player or block a player's swing.
  • Haru is the only Red armor Mii in this stage, a unusual trait for this stage as almost every other stage has more than one mii for each armor type that is present.
  • Abby, James, Martin, Mia, Miyu, Nick, Ryan, Shinnosuke, Shouta, Ursula, and Ai are the only non-boss Miis that are absent in the last stage.
  • This is the last stage that does not feature green armored miis.
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