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Gabriele (Level 266-270)




Gold Armor

Purple Armor

Black Armor

Other variant

Volcano Reverse




Bridge Reverse

This is the last normal stage. After this stage, a notification appears saying that you have unlocked a set of bonus levels. That is the first reverse level, Bridge Reverse. And like the other levels, as you beat them, they unlock.


Gold Armored

*Hiroshi, Jessie, Siobhán, Susana, and Vincenzo are a bit more aggressive compared to the rest of the gold armored Miis and will retaliate immediately after blocking the player's attack.

Purple Armored

Black Armored

Black Armored Boss



  • In this stage, the sword fighters' swords, which are supposed to be red, end up appearing light pink because of the light in the volcano. The same is with the Volcano Reverse.
  • This is the first stage in Showdown in which the Boss (Gabriele) will act very defensive and will strike more often but won't block when blocked.
  • This is the first stage to have the Non-Boss Miis that wear the Black Armor and have three hearts.
  • This is the first stage to not have any Green Armored Miis. Like this stage, nearly every stage after this one has little to none of these Miis.
    • This is the third stage not to feature Red Armor Miis, the first being Bridge and the second being Cliffs.
  • Abby, Elisa, Greg, Kathrin, Martin, Michael, Mike, Naomi, Oscar, Shohei, and Tyrone are the only non-boss Miis that are absent. But they, except for Abby and Martin, will return in the reverse level.
  • There is an additional sound file that excludes the noises that the swords make, defeated Miis make, and footsteps make, in addition to the music one can obviously hear the bubbling of the lava or the special wind direction (up) noises.
  • ShoutaMiaMiyuRyanUrsulaAiJamesNick, and Shinnosuke appear on this stage, but not the reversed version of it.
  • The volcano is known as Maka Wuhu.
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