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This story is based on a real video: https://youtu.be/g2V6ysfSvUk

Skip (Wii Sports Club) gets put on blast by his mom Clara (Wii Sports Club).

Skip: Oh God, a camcorder! What do you want me to do this time?

Clara: Go ahead and tell everyone what your name is.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: No, speak up so everyone can hear you.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: Okay, and how old are you?

Skip: 10...

Clara: You're 10. So why does your Facebook page say that you're 22?

Clara: Are you 22?

Skip: No.

Clara: No, you're 10, right?

Skip: Yes...

Clara: And are you a freak?

Skip: No, I'm not...

Clara: Does your Facebook page say you're a freak?

Skip: Yes, it does.

Clara: Do you even know anything about being a freak?

Skip: No.

Clara: Skip, you REALLY need to speak up.

Skip: No!

Clara: Did I just say speak up?

Skip: No!

Clara: So you're on Facebook, and you're on there with just underwear on?

Skip: Yes...

Clara: Is that what you do? Is that what you do?

Skip: Yes...

Clara: So, you're 10, we have established at the last minute that you're not a freak, that you don't sit at home with just underwear on, you don't get around, you don't take pictures like that, you don't have no thongs, you barely know how to even wipe your ass good, don't you? RIGHT? Am I talking?

Clara: You barely know how to wipe your ass good but you're a freak, right? You have friends who are grown-ass people on your Facebook, right?

(Rie, Akira, Cristina, and Joseph walk over near Skip)

Rie: Oh my, we need to see this, right Akira?

Akira: Yeah, this is funny!

Clara: Oh look, now we have onlookers! So tell them that you're 10, you're not a freak, and that you can't wipe your ass good!

Clara: Sorry, the camera can't hear you!

Skip: *sniff*

Clara: Oh, don't cry now, you weren't crying when you posted racy pics on Facebook in all that crap you KNOW you don't own!

Clara: You still wear shirts that say "PAW Patrol" on them, but you go on Facebook in a picture that says you're a freak, and you wear just underwear. That's what 10-year olds do, right?

(Rie, Akira, Cristina, Joseph laugh)

Skip: No...

Clara: You still have a bedtime! Tell them your bedtime.

Skip: ...

Clara: What's. Your. Bedtime? Speak up so the camera can hear you.

Skip: 9:30.

Clara: So tell 'em, you're 10.

Skip: I'm 10...

Clara: What's your name? And that you still have a bedtime, you don't do what you want.

Clara: You still watch Nick Jr.! Tell them you still watch Nick Jr.! Tell them you still watch Nick Jr. Skip!

Skip: *sniff* *sniff*

Clara: I'ma give you one more time to tell that camera!

Skip: *cries alot*

Clara: Oh, wipe your nose, no one wants to see that, 22-year old!

Skip (crying): I still watch Nick Jr., and I can't wipe good...

(Rie, Akira, Cristina, Joseph burst out laughing)

Cristina: I have to post this!

Clara: Tell them that you can’t wipe your butt good!

Skip: I just-

Clara: Tell them again!

Skip: *cries a whole lot*

Clara: And you're not 22.

Clara: So, to everybody out there, who’s her friend, this is gonna go on his Facebook page, and I want ALL of you to know, he watches Nick Jr., he has a bedtime, he doesn’t sit around in just underwear, he doesn’t own any thongs, and he doesn’t know how to wipe his butt good at 13-

(Rie, Akira, Cristina, Joseph laugh)

Joseph: What a loser! Who would ever friend that guy on Facebook?!

Clara: -but you’re on Facebook with just underwear. This is how you look any other time. Right?

Clara: Look at that camera! Show them how you look any other time. Not just underwear, no thongs, clothes on, right?

Clara: So anybody who’s her friend who’s a grown-ass person just MIGHT wanna delete her. Cause I’m not the one. He’s a kid, and he’s gonna stay a kid, and as long as he’s under my roof, he’s gonna do what I want.

Clara: So tell them, you respect your mom, dad, and sister Millie.

Skip: I respect my mom, dad, and sister Millie.

Clara: And you don’t do what you want to do. TELL THEM. Because if you do do what you wanna do, tell them you’re gonna be in the house ALL summer long; reading books. Tell them.

Clara: Tell them you’re gonna be reading books all summer.

Skip: I’m gonna be reading books all summer.

Clara: You’re not even gonna watch TV or play video games! Tell them!

Clara: You’re not gonna be able to play outside, you’re not gonna do anything! Mom’s taking all the gifts she bought for summer back. You’re gonna continue-

Clara: Why are you looking at the onlookers? You’re gonna sit all summer long, and think about how you’ll NEVER be on Facebook again.

Clara: Your mom’s not a bigot, your mom’s not a crackhead, she goes to school, she takes care of you, alone without the help of your father, right?

Clara: Tell them. TELL THEM. That your mom takes care of you with no help from your deadbeat dad. Period.

Clara: So you might wanna delete her, any grown men, because this page ASAP. Were gonna leave this on your page and mine, so people can see it, for a little hit, just so they know. Just so everybody can be aware, that when they see you, they might wanna keep walking, because you’re 10.

Clara: Say “Bye Facebook”.

Skip: ....

Clara: SAY “Bye Facebook”!

Skip: Bye Facebook...