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I'm doing a BrantSteele Survivor simulator with some Miis, based on the Worlds Apart season with 18 miis. 6 white collars in the corparate world who "make the rules", 6 blue collars who are used to working hard who "follow the rules", and 6 no collar free-spirits who don't conform to society's norms and "break the rules".

White Collar- Masaya

Blue Collar- Escameca

No Collar- Nagarote

How it went

Tribe Swap

Bold= Blue-collar,  Italic= White-collar,  None= No collar

Final Tribal Council

Jaslyn was berated for coattail riding and only Dwayne voted for her for their friendship, Gavin was praised for his strategic ability and making it far despite his old age, but criticized for his arrogance. Laura was praised for her challenge ability, likeability, and unique, but effective answers, but was criticized for getting too emotional or clueless at times. Laura ultimately won against Gavin and Jaslyn in a 4-3-1 vote.

Elimination Order


Episode 1st place in reward challenge 1st place in immunity challenge Eliminated Finish
1 Masaya Masaya Abby (4-2) 1st voted out
2 Nagarote Nagarote Cole (3-2) 2nd voted out
3 Masaya Masaya Akira (5-1) 3rd voted out
4 Masaya Escameca Ava (4-1) 4th voted out
5 Masaya Nagarote Eri (4-2-1) 5th voted out
6 Masaya Nagarote Vicky (Deadlock tie) eliminated
7 X Jaslyn Percy (8-0) 6th voted out
8 Owen

Invited: Hotaka, Titan, Laura, Gavin

Haru Fumiko (7-4) 7th voted out
9 Laura, Jaslyn, Carrie, Haru, and Gavin Carrie Haru (6-4) 8th voted out
10 Dwayne, Hotaka Ted Titan (2-0) 9th voted out
11 Jaslyn, Dwayne, Ted, and Owen Dwayne, Laura Ted (2-0) 10th voted out
12 Laura, Owen, and Jaslyn Laura Owen (4-3) 11th voted out
13 Dwayne, Laura, and Gavin Dwayne Hotaka (tie, 3-1 revote) 12th voted out






Carrie (3-2)

Dwayne (Lost tiebreaker)

13th voted out

14th voted out

Reunion X Laura (SOLESURVIVOR) Jaslyn (1 jury vote)

Gavin (3 jury votes)

Second-runner up

Runner up

Jury Votes

Juror Jaslyn Gavin Laura
Fumiko Voted
Haru Voted
Titan Voted
Ted Voted
Owen Voted
Hotaka Voted
Carrie Voted
Dwayne Voted