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I'm doing a BrantSteele Survivor simulator AGAIN with more Miis, based on the Blood VS Water season with 20 miis. The concept is castaways competing with and against their loved ones. The yellow "Galang" tribe are the ones who applied for the pairs of loved ones and are the "bigger" fans of the shows. The Tadhana tribe are the ones who are more casual fans.



How it went

Tribe Swap

Final Tribal Council

Alex received overwhelmingly negative feedback for coming back from RI, poor leadership during the Tribal phase of the game, and only making moves with Molli. He was called a "goat" by Hope, and received no votes to win. Hiromichi was praised for his immunity wins, but was questioned for "barely" winning the challenges over Molli, as well as his poor strategic game and clueless attitude,and he also received no votes to win. Ichika won in a unanimous 8-0-0 vote for causing almost every elimination, as well as her leadership during the tribal phase. She was especially praised by Reed, who stated "Ichika, baby, great great job on managing to bring such worthless, weak goats with you to the Final 3. Another reason I love you!". He called this method "goat-herding".


At the reunion, Chris won the fan favorite award for his mental toughness and courage, with Ichika and Hope as the runners-up. Chris discussed he was not surprised he got voted out on his third voteoff, as he rejoined 2 times. Molli explained she knew Alex would lose, and voting for him would do nothing, which he understood and honestly agreed with, stating his game was "humdrum and lackluster". Gretchen discussed her decision to swap with Ashton, and expressed she and him laugh it off now. Hiromichi expressed surprise he didn't get more jury votes, calling it saddening. Lukas discussed Elaine being adopted, calling her precious, and calling her abusive birth parents "losers". A poll for the theme of Season was implied at.

Episode Table

Episode Reward winner Immunity winner Voted out Redemption Island
1 Galang Galang X



No one eliminated
2 Tadhana Tadhana Jenna X eliminated
3 no one Tadhana Connie Jenna eliminated
4 Galang Galang Elaine Nova eliminated
5 Galang Galang Ashton Mali eliminated
6 Galang Galang Duke Elaine eliminated
7 Tadhana Tadhana Chris Connie eliminated
8 Galang Galang Ariana Duke eliminated
9 None Alex Lukas Simon switches

Gretchen switches

Simon returns

Gretchen eliminated

Ariana eliminated







Ashton (again)

Chris (Again)

nothing happened

nothing happened

11 Hiromichi gave it up for the tribe Hiromichi Hope Lukas eliminated
12 no one Hiromichi Chris (AGAIN) Simon switched (again)

Ashton eliminated

13 Hiromichi Hiromichi Terry Chris eliminated
14 Molli and Reed Molli Alex Terry eliminated


no one

no one





Simon eliminated

Hope eliminated

Alex returns

Reunion no one Ichika (sole survivor) Alex (co-runner-up)

Hiromichi (co-runner-up)

redemption island was dicontinued at F4

Jury votes

Juror Alex Hiromichi Ichika
Lukas Voted
Ashton Voted
Chris Voted
Terry Voted
Simon Voted
Hope Voted
Reed Voted
Molli Voted