I'll do three sports:

Hockey (Done)


Skating Pairs (Done)


(Miis wear hockey gear that is the captain's favorite color, and black helmets.) (Teams are in groups of four) (Note: Mii on the furthest right of each team is the captain. A captain is the best on the team, and wears a spiked helmet that is their favorite color.)


1. Victor, Siobhan, Abe, Maria (Beginners)

2. Ai, Theo, Ursula, Shinta

3. Helen, Sota, Tyrone, Sakura

4. Pierre, Rin, Tommy, Nelly

5. Patrick, James, Ashley, Eva

6. Pablo, Saburo, Misaki, Anna

7. Shohei, Daisuke, Haru, Abby

8. Michael, Kathrin, Rainer, Midori

9. Akira, Yoko, Jake, Susana

10. Tatsuaki, Sarah, Marisa, Stephanie

11. Yoshi, Barbara, Steve, David

12. Chika, Hayley, Greg, Ren

13. Takashi, Alex, Rachel, Shinnosuke

14. Takumi, Keiko, Steph, Mia

15. Naomi, Luca, Hiroshi, Emily

16. Oscar, Lucia, Matt, Silke

17. Jessie, Hiromasa, Kentaro, Elisa


18. Chris, Nick, Emma, Edurado

19. Gabriele, Hiromi, Giovanna, Gwen

20. Vincenzo, Julie, Miguel, Fumiko

21. Andy, Fritz, Gabi, Megan

22. Miguel, Holly, Eddy, Ryan

23. Ian, Maritin, Jackie, Alisha

24. Tomoko, Mike, George, Miyu

25. Sandra, Asami, Marco, Cole (Champions)

Skating Pairs

(Groups of 2 with 1 male, 1 female) Males wear tuxedo based outfits of their favorite color, females wear skate dresses of their favorite colors.


1. Patrick and Eva (Beginners)

2. Matt and Asami

3. Theo and Helen

4. Ian and Rachel

5. Saburo and Sarah

6. Tatsuaki and Ashley

7. Tyrone and Yoko

8. Akira and Midori

9. Fritz and Anna

10. Alex and Keiko 

11. Mike and Sandra

12. Shinta and Barbara

13. Abe and Nelly

14. Jake and Lucia

15. David and Marisa

16. Shohei and Chika

17. Miguel and Gwen

18. Kentaro and Silke

19. Daisuke and Rin

20. Shinnosuke and Sakura

21. Steve and Steph

22. Pablo and Susana

23. Rainer and Maria

24. Michael and Kathrin

25. Cole and Anna

26. Tommy and Megan

27. James and Yoshi

28. Hiromasa and Hiromi

29. Victor and Haru

30. Takashi and Stephanie

31. Pierre and Hayley

32. Cole and Sarah

33. Sota and Emily


34. Luca and Naomi

35. Nick and Ursula

36. Vincenzo and Julie

37. Oscar and Miyu

38. Takumi and Jackie

39. Ryan and Elisa

40. George and Giovanna

41. Eduardo and Jessie

42. Shouta and Emma

43. Marco and Misaki

44. Shohei and Holly

45. Hiroshi and Chika

46. Martin and Megan

47. Greg and Tomoko

48. Gabriele and Abby

49. Andy and Alisha

50. Chris and Fumiko (Champions) (The champions wear golden variants of the skating outfits which can be obtained by beating them.)


(15 person races, miis wear winter jackets and have snowboards of their favorite colors, although some use cardboard boxes.

There is no clear champion, as multiple different miis are the best, and only one of them will appear in the race.

Referee: Shouta

Coach: Nelly (She is retired champion snowboarder who gives her advice)

Miis that appear in each position

1st: Alex, Megan, Kentaro, Silke, Fumiko, Chris, Jackie

2nd.Naomi, Hiromasa, Matt, George, Chika, Ren, Nick

3rd. Emily, Ian, Greg, Marco, Luca, Vincenzo, Ryan

4th. Shinnosuke, Jessie, Cole, Gwen, Naomi, Gabriele, Gabi

5th. Miguel, Fritz, Mia, Ren, Rachel, Andy, Eduardo

6th. Oscar, Julie, Giovanna, Mike, Hiroshi, Greg, Eddy

7th. Lucia, Takumi, Tomoko, Emma, Miyu, Sandra, Martin

8th. Elisa, Tommy, Takashi, Kathrin, Marisa, Barbara, James

9th. Michael, Keiko, Hayley, Yoko, Rin, Siobhan, Jake

10th. Shohei, Tatsuaki, Chika, Haru, Yoshi, Barbara

11th. Abby, Takashi, Stephanie, Misaki, Stephanie, Saburo, Sakura

12th. Abe, Patrick, Ursula, Sota, Victor, Daisuke, Steve

13th. Ai, Rainer, Pierre, Eva, Pablo, Susana, Sarah

14th. Eva, Midori, Shinta, Anna, Tyrone, Theo, Helen, David

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