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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 26 March 2021

STORY: Skip Gets Exposed on Facebook

This story is based on a real video:

Skip (Wii Sports Club) gets put on blast by his mom Clara (Wii Sports Club).

Skip: Oh God, a camcorder! What do you want me to do this time?

Clara: Go ahead and tell everyone what your name is.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: No, speak up so everyone can hear you.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: Okay, and how old are you?

Skip: 10...

Clara: You're 10. So why does your Facebook page say that you're 22?

Clara: Are you 22?

Skip: No.

Clara: No, you're 10, right?

Skip: Yes...

Clara: And are you a freak?

Skip: No, I'm not...

Clara: Does your Facebook page say you're a freak?

Skip: Yes, it does.

Clara: Do you even know anything about being a freak?

Skip: No.

Clara: Skip, you REALLY need to speak up.

Skip: No!

Clara: Did I just say speak up…

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 28 February 2021

I'm now on DeviantArt

I am proud to announce I am now on DeviantArt. I may post my art there, and it isn't always WS related.

My username is samdoesart4fun


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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 25 January 2021

My Wii Sports Mods- RELEASE!!!

Hello everyone! I have not one, but TWO Wii Sports Mods out! Each of the two mods changes the CPUs with custom CPUs. All sports are fully playable. I sincerely hope you enjoy! View the video with instructions here.


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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 25 December 2020

Mii BrantSteele is BACK- Teen Big Brother

Watch the trailer here.

Did you like Total Drama Island? Well, I am hosting a Big Brother BrantSteele sim, with 16 teenagers competing. There are two main twists.

  • Battle of the Block: Two HOHs will be crowned; each HOH nominated two HouseGuests for eviction. The nominated HouseGuests battled for safety in the Battle of the Block competition where the winning pair was safe and the HOH who nominated them was dethroned.
  • Team America- YOU get to impact it by voting on 3 Miis to form a secret alliance called Team America where they will do secret missions! After the three members are determined, you will vote on the missions!
    • To determine the three to vote into the alliance, by reading their bios, found here.
      • Once you have read them, answer in this fo…
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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 20 December 2020

If CPU Miis had Zodiac Signs

So, I am sorta curious on if CPU Miis had zodiac signs. What would they be? Comment to suggest a sign.

  • Midori- Aries
  • Tatsuaki- Taurus
  • Rachel- Gemini
  • Matt- Leo
  • Sakura- Virgo
  • Tommy- Libra
  • Eva- Scorpio
  • Keiko- Sagittarius
  • Misaki- Capricorn
  • Abby- Aquarius
  • Nelly- Pisces
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