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  • I live in a house
  • My occupation is mii artisan
  • I am male
  • YoungArtist79

    This story is actually based on a real video: (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

    Dunbar: Dad, why do you have that camcorder?
    Bruce: Oh Dunbar, you’ll see...
    Bruce: How was your day at school today?
    Dunbar: Good...
    Bruce: It was good? What happened at school today?
    Dunbar: Nothing...
    Bruce: Nothing, you sure?
    Dunbar: Yes!
    Bruce: Who the hell were you bullying today?
    Dunbar: Huh?
    Bruce: Well, who the hell were you bullying?
    Dunbar: This girl that rides my bus!
    Bruce: Why
    Dunbar: She accidentally bumped into me this morning!
    Bruce: She bumped into you this morning!
    Dunbar: Ooh yes!
    Bruce: You know I know when you’re lying right?
    Dunbar: She bumped into her, so I called her a b**** w****. She went and told on me.
    Bruce: So …

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  • YoungArtist79

    So, I was playing Wii Party U, and I discovered two things. One was a funny glitch when you decide what CPUs to play, and one was a different mode when playing a 1 vs. rivals minigame 1v2.

    So, first I was playing Minigame collection 1v1 (me vs. Rie), and then I expanded to 2 CPUs, and there were 2 Ries. This glitch I believe was because her Mii was chosen on the "randomizer" that determines who to play against, in spite of there already being a Rie to play against.

    Also, I was playing 3-player, against Bo-Jia and Araceli, and I switched to 3 CPUs, and there were 2 Bo-Jias. So this glitch can also occur in 4-player.

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  • YoungArtist79

    I was bored, so I made an all-new cast of WPU and Miitopia Miis, which have CPU skills, nationalities, and Miitopia Groupings! Without further ado, here is my new Wii Party U cast.

    So? What are your thoughts? Favorite new CPU? Least favorite new CPU? Any groupings you would change? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • YoungArtist79

    I know this is unrelated to Wii Sports, but I feel I should share this. So, sooner or later, I will be making and releasing a comics series, which is a spoof of Big Brother, Welcome to the House. 13 teenage contestants compete to win $1M, in 10 episodes. Each episode, someone is eliminated, until the Final 3 remain, and the jury of contestants (10th place-4th place) will vote on who deserves to win. In the future, a video on the characters will be released.

    • HOSTS:
      • Penguin: The show's host. Excitable, fickle, but cowardly and unused to adressing problems on the show.
      • Alien: Manipulative, persuasive, immoral in the game, "not here to make friends"
      • Ant: Screws up a lot, unconfident, but could be a contender.
      • Beary: Has a sad backstory …

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  • YoungArtist79

    The mod with, custom Miis, Mii Survivor Party, is here! You can download the file from here in order to play it. Playable, on Wii, Wii U, and Emulator. Have fun with it! I really REALLY don't want to be the only person who uses it!

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