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You crab You crab 6 September 2020

Wii’ Sports Fandom Users as Mortal Kombat Characters

Welcome to the series where I compare the Users in the community by video game/movie/TV show characters, judged by personality and power.

  • Liu Kang: HowIloveIt
  • Kung Lao: KingFire4IcePowerAAA
  • Johnny Cage: Kung Pierre
  • Reptile: WuhuTourist
  • Sub Zero: TheShinyLucarioMaster
  • Shang Tsung: Willama35
  • Kitana: IAmAwesome2
  • Jax: Dai4ly
  • Mileena: Unknown Channel
  • Baraka: MarquessMark
  • Scorpion: You crab
  • Raiden: Végégon
  • Sonya Blade: Candy
  • Erron Black: Sabotager
  • Quan Chi: SlyCooperFan1
  • Goro: Average Vandals
  • Shinnok: Kiddo
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You crab You crab 1 July 2020

I’m back for one last message

Hey guys. I’ve been gone for about 3 months and I lost my power.

I’ve came to tell you that I quit because of two reasons.

1: I shouldn’t have been talking to these many people overseas.

2: I’ve been hated by most admins (Végégon especially) and I just don’t feel welcome here any more.

So go ahead and respond in the comments.

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You crab You crab 3 March 2020

Should we IP block Kiddo?

Yep. Another Kiddo related blog. Should we IP block Kiddo so he can't vandalize ever again? Any answer without details will not be counted. Post your answer in the comments.

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You crab You crab 28 February 2020

My opinion on Végégon has changed

OK, so we all know how we used to be enemies. He used to be my least favorite admin as a matter of fact.

But now that I use Discord I've gotten a taste of who he really is. And we did,"Stuff" together, so yeah.

I now see him as a better person that I do now.

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You crab You crab 23 February 2020

Kiddo update

So you all know how I was all like,”Kiddo didn’t do anything let him do what he wants!” and,”Stop blocking Kiddo! Let him Vandalize!”

Very dumb right?

I’m still gonna be respectful to him, but I’ll still block him, demote him, and do whatever the heck I need to do to keep Kiddo of the Wiki.

And I even bribed him with admin rights, just to get him to stop doing what he’s doing. But then let me bring up one word,”BackStab”. I believe if I did that he would block all of us because we stopped him from doing what he wanted. And he can change everything!

So Imagine you’re a user going to Wii Sports Wiki(This would be after he became an admin) and you want to find information on Claudia’s skill levels, but instead of skill levels, you see something l…

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