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You crab You crab 17 December 2020

What your favorite Wii Sports Mii says about you

If you're favorite Mii is Elisa, Sarah, Barbara (WSC), or Alice you guys are very nice people. You guys are very funny, and you guys show very deep respect for everyone around you. Props to you.

If your favorite Mii is Abby, or Beef Boss you guys watch Poofesure every day, and get angry a whole lot.

If you're favorite Mii is Miyu, Pavel, Lucia, or Alisha you guys fall into the category of literally EVERYBODY on this website. Everybody loves these Miis, and I don't know what to tell you.

Now If your favorite Mii is Hiromi you are pretty weird because Hiromi is fat as crap

And if your favorite Mii is Matt (WS), Tatsuaki, Sakura, Takumi, Pablo, George, Eddy or Gabriele you guys are frickin' KINGS! These Miis are the best Miis on the site and that…

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You crab You crab 15 December 2020

If Wii Sports FANDOM users were in the WWE

Now here I am combining signature moves and theme song music.

You crab (me) : I bring the darkness (Baron Corbin's 2nd theme song)

TheShinyLucarioMaster : Catch your breath (Finn Balor's 1st theme song)

MarquessMark : Stars in the night (Paige's theme song)

HowIloveIt : S.O.S. (Kofi Kingston's 1st theme song)

Minefa5 : Crews control (Apollo Crews 1st theme song)

Kiddo : Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio 2nd theme song)

Unkown Channel : Rebel heart (Johnny Gargano 1st theme song)

I'll do a part 2 with signature moves later

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You crab You crab 15 December 2020

Ok what is happening

Ok so all I'm doing is editing pages just minding my own business but people are reverting my edits even though NONE of them I'm adding to the pages are fanon. What am I even doing wrong?!

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You crab You crab 10 December 2020

I'm thinking about quitting

Ever since all of the stuff I caused on the discord I now feel worthless. So tell me, should I quit? Would the Wiki be better off without me?

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You crab You crab 23 September 2020

Wii Sports resort Wii U Ultra Violence mode

Ok. So we remember the blog where I discussed the Swordplay Showdown changes for Wii Sports Resort. That blog was a big success, but what is there to come in Ultra Violence Mode(UVM)? Well as I stated there are guns, bombs, and even MORE blood. But However, I had some more ideas.

In UVM you CANNOT use the Wii Remote or game pad at all. You have to use either the Wii Classic controller, or the Wii U Pro Controller.

I had two ideas. Here they are.

  • The Miis you face will be divided by age(Child, Young, Old, etc.)
  • It will go the same as Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Showdown with random Miis showing up and a specific Boss at the end.

And yes, the bodies will not vanish after a kill.

There will be kill streaks too in UVM.

And in the final level. All 211 CPU…

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