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Ok. So we remember the blog where I discussed the Swordplay Showdown changes for Wii Sports Resort. That blog was a big success, but what is there to come in Ultra Violence Mode(UVM)? Well as I stated there are guns, bombs, and even MORE blood. But However, I had some more ideas.

Controllers that can be used

In UVM you CANNOT use the Wii Remote or game pad at all. You have to use either the Wii Classic controller, or the Wii U Pro Controller.

Gameplay wise

I had two ideas. Here they are.

  • The Miis you face will be divided by age(Child, Young, Old, etc.)
  • It will go the same as Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Showdown with random Miis showing up and a specific Boss at the end.

And yes, the bodies will not vanish after a kill.

There will be kill streaks too in UVM.

And in the final level. All 211 CPU Miis in history will Fight you.

Who gave me this idea

Unknown Channel had the idea for Ultra Violence mode, so thanks to her for the idea. Credit goes to her. But I also used UVM but cranked up the violence.