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Here we go

If you're favorite Mii is Elisa, Sarah, Barbara (WSC), or Alice you guys are very nice people. You guys are very funny, and you guys show very deep respect for everyone around you. Props to you.

If your favorite Mii is Abby, or Beef Boss you guys watch Poofesure every day, and get angry a whole lot.

If you're favorite Mii is Miyu, Pavel, Lucia, or Alisha you guys fall into the category of literally EVERYBODY on this website. Everybody loves these Miis, and I don't know what to tell you.

Now If your favorite Mii is Hiromi you are pretty weird because Hiromi is fat as crap

And if your favorite Mii is Matt (WS), Tatsuaki, Sakura, Takumi, Pablo, George, Eddy or Gabriele you guys are frickin' KINGS! These Miis are the best Miis on the site and that's the bottom line.