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Breakdown of CPU Mii names

If we write all of the CPU Mii names from the Wii Sports Series, then every letter in the English Alphabet is present, including the tricky letter Q from Enrique. Here is a list of all of the letters ranked from most common to least common, and how many times they appear:

  1. A (165 times)
  2. I (133 times)
  3. E (97 times)
  4. R (85 times)
  5. O (78 times)
  6. N (77 times)
  7. S (60 times)
  8. L (54 times)
  9. U (53 times)
  10. H (48 times)
  11. M (46 times)
  12. K (38 times)
  13. T (37 times)
  14. C (29 times)
  15. D (27 times)
  16. Y (26 times)
  17. J (22 times)
  18. B (19 times)
  19. G (19 times)
  20. P (18 times)
  21. V (11 times)
  22. X (9 times)
  23. F (6 times)
  24. Z (5 times)
  25. W (4 times)
  26. Q (1 time)

  • There are 1,167 letters total.
  • The average number of times a letter appears is 45.
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Do we really need all of these titles on Eva's page? I see first non-boss black armored female on normal stage and last non-boss black armored female on normal stage. Is that really necessary?

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WSR CPU Mii Abbreviations

Note: This is just my opinion.

Abby: AB

Abe: AE

Ai: AI

Akira: AK

Alex: AX

Alisha: AS

Andy: AY

Anna: AN

Asami: AM

Ashley: AH

Barbara: BA

Chika: CH

Chris: CR

Cole: CO

Daisuke: DA

David: DV

Eddy: ED

Eduardo: EU

Elisa: EL

Emily: EM

Emma: EA

Eva: EV

Fritz: FR

Fumiko: FU

Gabi: GA

Gabriele: GB

George: GE

Giovanna: GI

Greg: GR

Gwen: GW

Haru: HA

Hayley: HY

Helen: HE

Hiromasa: HI

Hiromi: HR

Hiroshi: HO

Holly: HL

Ian: IA

Jackie: JA

Jake: JK

James: JM

Jessie: JE

Julie: JU

Kathrin: KA

Keiko: KE

Kentaro: KN

Luca: LU

Lucia: LC

Marco: MO

Maria: MR

Marisa: MS

Martin: MN

Matt: MT

Megan: ME

Mia: MI

Michael: MC

Midori: MD

Miguel: MG

Mike: MK

Misaki: MA

Miyu: MY

Naomi: NA

Nelly: NE

Nick: NI

Oscar: OS

Pablo: PA

Patrick: PT

Pierre: PI

Rachel: RA

Rainer: RI

Ren: RE

Rin: RN

Ryan: RY

Saburo: SA

Sakura: SK

Sandra: SN

Sarah: SR

Shinnosuke: SH


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Hi! I like this Wiki a lot!

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