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  • YoshiIsTheBest472

    If we write all of the CPU Mii names from the Wii Sports Series, then every letter in the English Alphabet is present, including the tricky letter Q from Enrique. Here is a list of all of the letters ranked from most common to least common, and how many times they appear:

    1. A (165 times)
    2. I (133 times)
    3. E (97 times)
    4. R (85 times)
    5. O (78 times)
    6. N (77 times)
    7. S (60 times)
    8. L (54 times)
    9. U (53 times)
    10. H (48 times)
    11. M (46 times)
    12. K (38 times)
    13. T (37 times)
    14. C (29 times)
    15. D (27 times)
    16. Y (26 times)
    17. J (22 times)
    18. B (19 times)
    19. G (19 times)
    20. P (18 times)
    21. V (11 times)
    22. X (9 times)
    23. F (6 times)
    24. Z (5 times)
    25. W (4 times)
    26. Q (1 time)

    • There are 1,167 letters total.
    • The average number of times a letter appears is 45.
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  • YoshiIsTheBest472


    November 23, 2019 by YoshiIsTheBest472

    Do we really need all of these titles on Eva's page? I see first non-boss black armored female on normal stage and last non-boss black armored female on normal stage. Is that really necessary?

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  • YoshiIsTheBest472

    Note: This is just my opinion.

    Abby: AB

    Abe: AE

    Ai: AI

    Akira: AK

    Alex: AX

    Alisha: AS

    Andy: AY

    Anna: AN

    Asami: AM

    Ashley: AH

    Barbara: BA

    Chika: CH

    Chris: CR

    Cole: CO

    Daisuke: DA

    David: DV

    Eddy: ED

    Eduardo: EU

    Elisa: EL

    Emily: EM

    Emma: EA

    Eva: EV

    Fritz: FR

    Fumiko: FU

    Gabi: GA

    Gabriele: GB

    George: GE

    Giovanna: GI

    Greg: GR

    Gwen: GW

    Haru: HA

    Hayley: HY

    Helen: HE

    Hiromasa: HI

    Hiromi: HR

    Hiroshi: HO

    Holly: HL

    Ian: IA

    Jackie: JA

    Jake: JK

    James: JM

    Jessie: JE

    Julie: JU

    Kathrin: KA

    Keiko: KE

    Kentaro: KN

    Luca: LU

    Lucia: LC

    Marco: MO

    Maria: MR

    Marisa: MS

    Martin: MN

    Matt: MT

    Megan: ME

    Mia: MI

    Michael: MC

    Midori: MD

    Miguel: MG

    Mike: MK

    Misaki: MA

    Miyu: MY

    Naomi: NA

    Nelly: NE

    Nick: NI

    Oscar: OS

    Pablo: PA

    Patrick: PT

    Pierre: PI

    Rachel: RA

    Rainer: RI

    Ren: RE

    Rin: RN

    Ryan: RY

    Saburo: SA

    Sakura: SK

    Sandra: SN

    Sarah: SR

    Shinnosuke: SH


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  • YoshiIsTheBest472

    Hi! I like this Wiki a lot!

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