So here's the thing – many of the Total Skill Level rankings and calculations are incorrect. However, rather than just fixing them, I would like to propose a few changes to you admins to make the system more balanced.

First, I'd like to talk about the cycling points. The page currently says that first place gets 100 points and last place gets 1. There are only 98 known CPUs in the race, so that doesn't work.

In addition, let's say that last place now gets 3 points, to accommodate the fact that there are 98 cyclists. Using Martin as an example, think about this. He is the sixth-worst at swordplay, with a skill level of 86-90 (when calculating, we would use the middle value, 88). And in cycling, he comes in 10th out of 98, so he gets 91 points. Therefore, he gets almost the same number of points for being terrible at swordplay and great at cycling.

Therefore, I wanted to make the cycling points more balanced by replicating an actual skill level. But how? It would be a bit tedious to go back and forth from cycling to another WSR sport page, doing this: "10th best gets 1363, 9th best gets 1378, etc."

Therefore, I have created a formula that can replicate this. The formula is 1498 - 15(x - 1), where x is the Mii's place. Anna (x = 1) is 1498 - 15(0) = 1498. (I'm using 1498 instead of 1500 because Total Skill Level uses the middle value.) Then Fritz (x = 2) is 1498 - 15(1) = 1483, which is the skill level of the other WSR vice champions. That is how I would like to make the cycling points more balanced.

However, I'd also like to briefly mention the points a Mii receives from Wii Party. Master Miis, who are the best, receive 50 points. In Wii Sports/Resort, however, 50 points is terrible! Matt, Elisa, and Ryan (the beginners) have 50 points. However, doing it on a scale of 1500 seems a little outlandish, don't you think? Therefore, I suggest doing it on a scale of either 500 or 1000. Edit: YoungArtist79 has suggested a method where he split the WSR skill levels into "CPU" skills and then found the mean. An example: Beginner difficulty is 13 to 298, so Beginner Miis would get (13 + 298)/2 ≈ 156 skill points.

Thank you for reading this! I understand that the Wii Party scales might sound a bit high, but I urge you to at least consider the cycling formula. Many Miis are ranked lower on the list merely because they are not being given full credit for their cycling talent. Now I ask for your feedback. Please comment:

Cycling: Yes or no to the more balanced formula?

Wii Party: Give points on a scale of 50, 500, or 1000? Or something else?

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