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Hello everyone!

As you could see for a few days, I decided to clean the category section of articles to make sure the categories are useful, not to specific (which means no categories when only one, or two Miis are concerned).

Now I'll ask you a simple question to help in my clean-up, using the 3 links below, tell me which categories should we keep and which ones should we delete.




But before you answer you must know something :

  • It is not possible to keep all the categories because as I said above, I want to make sure all the categories are useful, not to specific, and that they have something to do with the game or the ones the CPU can appear in (games they really appear in, unlike Tomodachi Life or other games like this)

So far, here are the categories we should delete :

  • 'The "Mii" category '(Reason : since we already got another one named "Miis)
  • Every Swordplay (Armors) categories (maybe except the Bosses and the one that appear in Black Armor)
    • Example of useless categories : "Miis that wear purple thin armor" ; "Miis that wore Lanky Black Armor" ; "Bosses that are very defensive"
  • Every categories that mention the noun : "badge(s)" (because Badges aren't canon, those are only for the Wiki itself)
  • The "Nintendo" category (this category isn't useful because the Wiki itself, is only about Nintendo stuff)
  • Everything like "Miis with [thing you can see in the Mii's face] (because those categories are just here to add more categories and are unnecessary (for me, it gives too much identity, but a category isn't really made for this))
    • Note : [thing you can see in the Mii's face] = skin color / facial features (lipstick/facial hairs/makeup)/ hair color / etc...
    • Those categories are often named "Miis with [...]" except for some of the skin/eyes/hair color
      • For the skin/eyes/hair color : the name of the category will be : "[color] [feature (eyes/hair/skin)] Miis" or "Miis with [color] [feature]"
  • The "[name of the game] Miis" (we already got categories for each games, and on those categories, we put everything that appear on those games, including Miis. Which means there is no use to create a "[game] Miis" category to put every Miis that appear if we already have a "game" category that does absolutely the same) (am I clear on what I just said?)
  • The "Top [5 / 10 / 15]" category (since it is possible to see the overall skill level, those categories are (for me) unneeded)
  • The "Wii Mii" and "Wii U Mii" category.

If you don't agree with the deletion of a category, please comment below, mentioning the category and why it should stay.