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  • Végégon

    I got bored so I imagined what could the WPU Cast look like if every Miis were a member of the opposite gender.

    • For many people, it was very difficult to think of what they could look like if their gender were swapped. (especially for Miis that are originally males)
    • I know I nailed a lot of people but I know I failed a lot as well. You are able to put in the comments which one were the best for you and which one's design wasn't very good (note that I tried my best on every single Mii)
    • Got any questions about the redesign? You are free to ask those questions in the comments.

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  • Végégon

    I am one of the people that prefer the Wii U ones over the Wii ones, so looking at HowILoveIt's post, "the Miis from the Wii U looks a tad bit too detailed and sometimes a bit weird" but for me, the CPU Miis from the Wii are beyond every kind of "Miis weirdness". Let's take some example, shall we? Since HILI mainly looked at their physical appearence, I am gonna do the same for this blog post.


    Ridiculous Level 1 (Weird Level 0-500) :

    Steph : How is her face so small but her head so big?

    Oscar : Can he even see with eyes like those?

    Chris : He got a small face but some thick eyebrows!

    Marisa : She looks weird... Yes, but it isn't as striking as some other CPU Miis


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  • Végégon


    March 14, 2020 by Végégon

    Hello everyone!

    As you could see for a few days, I decided to clean the category section of articles to make sure the categories are useful, not to specific (which means no categories when only one, or two Miis are concerned).

    Now I'll ask you a simple question to help in my clean-up, using the 3 links below, tell me which categories should we keep and which ones should we delete.

    But before you answer you must know something :

    • It is not possible to keep all the categories because as I said above, I want to make sure all the categories are useful, no…
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  • Végégon

    Best Pairs

    1. Master + Master
    2. Master + Master
    3. Master + Beginner
    4. Master + Expert
    5. Expert + Master
    6. Expert + Expert
    7. Expert + Expert
    8. Expert + Advanced
    9. Advanced + Expert
    10. Advanced + Advanced

    Worst Pairs

    1. Beginner + Beginner
    2. Beginner + Beginner
    3. Beginner + Master
    4. Beginner + Standard
    5. Standard + Beginner
    6. Standard + Standard
    7. Standard + Standard
    8. Standard + Advanced
    9. Advanced + Standard
    10. Advanced + Advanced
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  • Végégon

    First of all : I am the MASTER of this Blog Post, you aren't allowed to edit anything on this blog post and you'd better if you don't want to suffer my wrath. Thank you.

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Végégon Award of November 2019. I am Végégon, your host, and today we'll see who will get a price on each categories !

    Talking of categories, let's begin with

    The person getting this price... shouldn't be happy of himself, we are talking here of people that have fun, destroying other peoples' fun. The nominees are Eva, Lucia, Matt, Tommy and Tyrone.

    And the reward of today goes to...

    Place CPU Reason
    WINNER Lucia She is way more annoying that anyone else, just because of her level in Table Tennis... I call her Annoying Orange
    2 Matt Champion i…

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