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(Based on Végégon's and MarquessMark's blogs about WSR but with WSC Miis.)


Currently, I'm making a plan to create a sequel to Wii Sports Resort but using Wii Sports Club Miis.

I'm thinking that the title for this game should be called "Wii Sports Paradise", because it fits with the vacation theme of this game.

But first, there are several Miis that IMO are overpowered. They are:

  • Xiaojian (Prodigy little kid! At least it's balanced with Beginner skill in WPU.)
  • Mark (Similar to Xiaojian, only he's slightly better than him because he's a Standard Mii.)
  • Na-rae (This one's crazy; she's all level ★10 and a Master Mii! {At least she's not a champ.})
  • Maximilian (Similar to Na-rae, only the boxing skill is slightly lower.)
  • Claudia (2nd grade version of Na-rae's skill levels.)
  • Barbara (That Tennis Champ) (Plus level ★10 in boxing, a Master Mii and a champ in baseball if she's on Enrique's team.)

Which means I have to tone their skills down...

Not only those, some Miis are also underpowered, such as Hee-joon and Mitsu. Plus, Miis that only become teammates in baseball.

Now for the real stuff...

So, here are my plans (More will be added later if I have time):


I've added a blog about new features on WSR Sequel Swordplay. Check it out here.

Skill Levels

Level 1: Skip (Beginner), Ji-hoon, Hiromi, Jialan, João

Level 2: Zi-Kai, Steven, André, Faustine, Mark, Eduardo

Level 3: Joana, Na-rae, Ivo, Erick, Maximilian

Level 4: Xiaojian, Rui, Laura, Enrique, Hyun-woo, Marit

Level 5: Araceli, Carlo, Leonel, Gerald, Dylan

Level 6: Jeff, Yunyun, Joost, Sara, Anne, Merrick

Level 7: Polly, Alphonse, Donna, Chris, Barry

Level 8: Shu-Hui, Pedro, Haixiang, Bernardo, Marius, Barbara

Level 9: Pit, Rie, Ricardo, Sophia, Adrien

Level 10: Xue-Ren, Irina, Daisuke, Bo-Jia, José, Millie

Level ★1: Ilka, Matt, Xiuping, Alice, Susie

Level ★2: Xixi, Pavel, Paula, Giulia, Bernd, Joseph

Level ★3: Cheng-Han, Patricia, Akira, David, Clara

Level ★4: Yuehua, Kaori, Haruka, Massimo, Mónica, Mizuho

Level ★5: Olga, Yuriko, Dunbar, Claudia, Marie

Level ★6: Pian-Pian, Anna, Kazuhiko, John, Juliette, Jesús

Level ★7: Se-young, Léonie, Hee-joon, Mitsu, Jin-ah

Level ★8: William, Sho, Frank, Cristina, Bowen, Mi-sun

Level ★9: Yuya, Xiao-Tong, Victor, Rui-Lin, Elena

Level ★10: Maria (Champion), Guillermo, Delilah, Bruce, Jianjun, Masako

Tutorial Mii: Kentaro

Swordplay Showdown

And the list below contains Swordplay showdown bosses (this might get changed later)

Plus, here are the designs for their shields:

The 2 shields on the left will glow lights.

NOTE: Miis in this mode always wear shield (if any), no dual swords!

Normal - No shield (Except level 10):

1- Mizuho

2- Bowen

3- Akira

4- Patricia

5- Yuehua (Starting from this level, several non-boss Miis are starting to wear shield. It takes 1 hit to destroy it.)

6- Daisuke

7- Olga

8- Dylan

9- Anna

10- Rui (Starting to wear shield! Takes 2 hits to destroy it.)

Reverse - With shield:

11- Yuya (Non- boss Miis shields are more durable starting from this level. It takes 2 hits to destroy it. More Miis are equipped with shield.)

12- Pedro

13- Ivo

14- Dunbar

15- Xiao-Tong (The boss' shield needs to be hit 4 times to destroy it starting from this level.)

16- Léonie (All Miis are equipped with shield starting from this level.)

17- Sophia

18- Jesús

19- Guillermo

20- Maria (Her shield needs to be hit 6 times to destroy it.)

Table Tennis

The gameplay is the same as the original WSR, complete with that hotel slipper as a paddle.

Skill Levels

Level 1: Pavel (Beginner), Maximilian, Pian-Pian, Delilah, Clara

Level 2: Léonie, Yuehua, Rui-Lin, Jin-ah, Bernd, Claudia

Level 3: Xiao-Tong, Sho, Patricia, Kentaro, Bowen

Level 4: Se-young, Paula, Maria, Matt, Barry, Massimo

Level 5: Ilka, Xixi, Cristina, Bruce, Hee-joon

Level 6: Susie, Elena, Mi-sun, Merrick, Mizuho, John

Level 7: Jianjun, Giulia, Dylan, Masako, Joseph

Level 8: Olga, Kazuhiko, Dunbar, Marit, Barbara, José

Level 9: Frank, Yuriko, David, Millie, Yuya

Level 10: Akira, Na-rae, Jesús, Xiaojian, Kaori, Guillermo

Level ★1: Victor, Mark, Haixiang, João, Bo-Jia

Level ★2: André, Faustine, Leonel, Juliette, Daisuke, Jeff

Level ★3: Adrien, Enrique, Hyun-woo, Mitsu, Jialan

Level ★4: Anna, Marius, Ivo, Bernardo, Joana, Donna

Level ★5: William, Araceli, Carlo, Hiromi, Eduardo

Level ★6: Sara, Xue-Ren, Laura, Ricardo, Gerald, Erick

Level ★7: Pit, Joost, Anne, Shu-Hui, Polly

Level ★8: Mónica, Cheng-Han, Steven, Pedro, Sophia, Skip

Level ★9: Chris, Rie, Marie, Ji-hoon, Rui

Level ★10: Yunyun (Champion), Alice, Alphonse, Zi-Kai, Irina, Xiuping

Return Challenge host: Haruka


Currently in progress. But... I'm short on ideas for this one...

There will be 37 teams in total.

Level 1:

  • Mitsu (captain), Xixi, Bo-Jia (Beginners)

Level 2:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, William
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 3:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 4:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 5:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 6:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 7:

  • Rie (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 8:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 9:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level 10:

  • André (captain), Gerald, Bruce (Anti-champions)

Level ★1:

  • Xiaojian (captain), Pit, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★2:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★3:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★4:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★5:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★6:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★7:

  • Joana (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★8:

  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???
  •  ??? (captain), ???, ???

Level ★9:

  • Hee-joon (captain), Delilah, David (Vice Champions)
  • Araceli (captain), Laura, Se-young

Level ★10:

  • Joseph (captain), José, Giulia (Champions)


Finished, but this order might still change.


1st: Akira (Champion)

2nd: Haruka

3rd: Patricia

4th: Massimo

5th: Yuriko

6th: Daisuke

7th: Rui

8th: Yuya

9th: João

10th: Mitsu

11th: Sara

12th: Dylan

13th: Enrique

14th: Ji-hoon

15th: Adrien

16th: Haixiang

17th: Sho

18th: Xiuping

19th: Hee-joon

20th: Xiao-Tong

21st: Se-young

22nd: Alphonse

23rd: Chris

24th: Maximilian

25th: Xue-Ren

26th: Zi-Kai

27th: Elena

28th: Kentaro

29th: Araceli

30th: David

31st: Pian-Pian

32nd: Sophia

33rd: Rui-Lin

34th: Dunbar

35th: Léonie

36th: Cheng-Han

37th: Laura

38th: Ilka

39th: Olga

40th: Frank

41st: Merrick

42nd: Rie

43rd: Hyun-woo

44th: Marie

45th: Clara

46th: William

47th: Erick

48th: Bernardo

49th: Kaori


50th: Barry

51st: Irina

52nd: Mónica

53rd: Barbara

54th: José

55th: Mark

56th: André

57th: Giulia

58th: Jesús

59th: Anne

60th: Ivo

61st: Carlo

62nd: Leonel

63rd: Mizuho

64th: Pedro

65th: Susie

66th: Jeff

67th: Faustine

68th: Yunyun

69th: Joost

70th: Maria

71st: Skip

72nd: Joseph

73rd: Masako

74th: Gerald

75th: Pavel

76th: Mi-sun

77th: Bowen

78th: Delilah

79th: Jin-ah

80th: Xiaojian

81st: Juliette

82nd: Matt

83rd: Xixi

84th: Eduardo

85th: Marit

86th: Ricardo

87th: Millie

88th: Cristina

89th: Joana

90th: Polly

91st: Paula

92nd: Jianjun

93rd: Jialan

94th: Bernd

95th: Bo-Jia

96th: Kazuhiko

97th: Hiromi

98th: Guillermo

99th: Na-rae (Beginner)

100th: Your Mii (aka the player)

Referee: Alice

Advisor: Marius

Non-cycling Miis: Victor, Pit, John, Bruce, Steven, Claudia, Donna, Anna, Shu-Hui, Yuehua

Additional games

I'm also thinking about adding soccer and beach volleyball as a replacement for bowling and golf, because the latter 2 sports have been included in WSC.

And for soccer: perhaps we could use Wii Balance Board for that? Just like soccer exercises in Wii Fit series...

When it's all completed...

How about if we propose this idea to Nintendo? Hope they'll accept it.... (and possibly re-release Wii U.)