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    She originally has a white skin, but because she often goes outside and being exposed to sunlight very often, she gets a tan as we know today.

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    Which one do you think is better? This is for Wii Party related pages.

    • Blue: 4
    • Pink: 5

    My opinion: I prefer the pink infobox, but with the infos from the blue ones.

    UPDATE: This is how the pink infobox looks like but with contents from blue infobox:

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    Title says it all.

    Plus, a comment from a user but about Abby x Beef Boss:

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    Ji-hoon: Incheon

    Se-young: Seoul

    Mi-sun: Jeju

    Hyun-woo: Busan

    Na-rae: Seoul

    Hee-joon: Gwangju

    Jin-ah: Daegu

    Pian-Pian: Kaohsiung

    Rui-Lin: Taipei

    Cheng-Han: Tainan

    Zi-Kai: Taipei

    Bo-Jia: Taoyuan

    Xue-Ren: Hsinchu

    Shu-Hui: Keelung

    Xiao-Tong: Taichung

    Xiaojian: Beijing

    Bowen: Qingdao

    Jialan: Hangzhou

    Xixi: Harbin

    Yuehua: Kunming

    Yunyun: Guangzhou

    Xiuping: Nanjing

    Haixiang: Chengdu

    Jianjun: Shanghai

    NOTE: For Japanese Miis, some of their hometowns have been stated officially by Nintendo through Streetpass Mii Plaza promotional videos.

    Kentaro: Matsuyama

    Sho: Aichi prefecture (Possibly in Nagoya)

    Masako: Tokyo

    Akira: Hyogo prefecture (Possibly in Kobe)

    Yuya: Kanagawa

    Mitsu: Fukuoka

    Kazuhiko: Sapporo

    Hiromi: Nagasaki

    Mizuho: Niigata

    Rie: Hiroshima

    Daisuke: Kumamoto

    Haruka: Osaka


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    I feel like I've lost interest on this wiki... At the times, I also considered to demote myself to a regular user.

    That's why I've been inactive lately...

    For now, I might just stick to Discord. I might be active, but only for completing my WSR sequel blog.

    UPDATE: I'm no longer an admin for now. And for the blog... I decided to postpone it.

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