Per User blog:Végégon/Categories, the following categories are being deleted on April 8, 2020:

  • Mii
  • Add Category Badge Miis‏‎
  • Bronze badge Miis‏‎
  • Cinquople Badge Miis‏‎
  • Double Badge Miis‏‎
  • Edit badge Miis‏‎
  • Edit category badge Miis‏‎
  • Gold badge Miis‏‎
  • Miis that appear on every kind of badges‏‎
  • Quadruple Badge Miis‏‎
  • Secret Badge Miis‏‎
  • Sietople Badge Miis‏‎
  • Silver badge Miis‏‎
  • Special badge Miis‏‎
  • Triple Badge Miis‏‎
  • Wiki Love badge Miis‏‎
  • Wii Mii
  • Wii U Mii
  • Nintendo
  • Top 10
  • Top 15
  • Top 5

I am manually performing the deletion, while my bot account, User:Zone of Endless, is removing them from the pages they're on. I'm keeping this blog post here as a record for the edit histories of those pages and the deletion logs.

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