I am starting a blog post series named "Don't Get Last Tournament (or DGLT)", where 20 Miis will go face to face in a series of duel minigames! Here's how it will work. It's like a tournament bracket though a series of minigames. The winner of the duel minigame will move on to the next battle with the winner of the second battle, etc. until there is only one mii remaining! That Mii is the DGLT Champion!

Here is the list of the Miis and battles they will face against: Abby vs Takumi, Alisha vs Eddy, Pablo vs Stéphanie, Abe vs Barbara, Sandra vs Vincenzo, Midori vs Susana, Tomoko vs Oscar, Saburo vs Yoshi, Tyrone vs Luca, and Ryan vs Jackie.

If one of your favorite Miis got on here, congrats to you! Lucky chance, huh? The tournament might begin today or tommorow, I'll have to decide.

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