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Minefa5 Minefa5 10 August 2019

What's your Mii and CPU Mii voice you think

Hello everyone i just want know what your mii and cpu mii voice you think i'm alaways think my mii and cpu mii voice like gta sa character

Tell me in comment below

Mohamed: carl johnson (cj)

Ahmed: sean sweet johnson

Nick: lance ryder wilson

Kentaro(ws): melvin big smoke harries

Theo: Jeff og loc (I don't know why)

Matt(ws): officer frank tenpenny

Micheal: eddie pulaski

Saburo: jimmy herandez

Akira(ws): wozzie

Steve: ceaser

Hiroshi: the bear who said somebody touch my spaghet

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Minefa5 Minefa5 2 August 2019

green Chevrolet chevelle

Ahmed: so this is it. this is when we show the ballas what banging is all about

gangs: yeah for sho

Ahmed: grove street is king! say with me b****** GROVE STREET IS KING!


Ahmed: what's up mohamed where you been

Mohamed: hey sorry bro i got caught up

Ahmed: yeah you probably was hitting one of them ballas rats. yeah i know what you was up to b****

guest A: yeah you knew it

Ahmed: listen up y'all down with Mohamed right?

gangs: yeah for sure

Ahmed: he's been through a lot i mean we all been through a lot but mohamed helping us clean up the hood he's taken fight to the enemy

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: showing all of us how we used to bang

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: what it used to mean to be grove street family

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: Mohamed you're …

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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 July 2019

Mohamed for once don't be a

(ahmed playing fifa 20)

(House vibrates)

ahmed: wtf ?

kentaro ws: (coughs)

ahmed: ken wtf are you doin?

kentaro: it's mohamed fool

ahmed: what?

kentaro: i'm just tryin' to enjoy my food (coughs)

(House vibrates again)

ahmed: f***!

ahmed: man this is f***** up

ahmed: hope that fool is no busta

(ahmed got shocked)

ahmed: dude!

mohamed: oh s***

(mohamed jumped in to the bed)

(ahmed gets angry)

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be a professor house jerk-off

mohamed: d***

(ahmed and nick are talking)

ahmed: yeah so if there hint of trouble he

(mohamed became mario)

mohamed: it's a me mario boing hoohoo hooo dahahahahahahaaaa

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be smash

mohamed: okie dokie here we go wooaaaaaaaaah

(mohamed jumped in to the water)

nick: ah man my water

(ahmed mohame…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 8 July 2019

hello everyone

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