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Minefa5 Minefa5 2 August 2019

green Chevrolet chevelle

Ahmed: so this is it. this is when we show the ballas what banging is all about

gangs: yeah for sho

Ahmed: grove street is king! say with me b****** GROVE STREET IS KING!


Ahmed: what's up mohamed where you been

Mohamed: hey sorry bro i got caught up

Ahmed: yeah you probably was hitting one of them ballas rats. yeah i know what you was up to b****

guest A: yeah you knew it

Ahmed: listen up y'all down with Mohamed right?

gangs: yeah for sure

Ahmed: he's been through a lot i mean we all been through a lot but mohamed helping us clean up the hood he's taken fight to the enemy

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: showing all of us how we used to bang

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: what it used to mean to be grove street family

gangs: yeah

Ahmed: Mohamed you're …

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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 July 2019

Mohamed for once don't be a

(ahmed playing fifa 20)

(House vibrates)

ahmed: wtf ?

kentaro ws: (coughs)

ahmed: ken wtf are you doin?

kentaro: it's mohamed fool

ahmed: what?

kentaro: i'm just tryin' to enjoy my food (coughs)

(House vibrates again)

ahmed: f***!

ahmed: man this is f***** up

ahmed: hope that fool is no busta

(ahmed got shocked)

ahmed: dude!

mohamed: oh s***

(mohamed jumped in to the bed)

(ahmed gets angry)

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be a professor house jerk-off

mohamed: d***

(ahmed and nick are talking)

ahmed: yeah so if there hint of trouble he

(mohamed became mario)

mohamed: it's a me mario boing hoohoo hooo dahahahahahahaaaa

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be smash

mohamed: okie dokie here we go wooaaaaaaaaah

(mohamed jumped in to the water)

nick: ah man my water

(ahmed mohame…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 8 July 2019

hello everyone

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