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Minefa5 Minefa5 29 September 2019

why i joined on this wiki

hello everyone i want to tell you something do you know how i found this wiki i tell you in january 2019 i was listing the song called Youth Dem Cold - Richie Spice from gta 4 and i was searching goolge mii alex and i thinking alex singing this song and you know why i joined this wiki in feburary 2019 i want writing comment on kentaro (WS) but they said you have to sign up this wiki to writing your comment and  i singed up this wiki

(the end)

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Minefa5 Minefa5 28 September 2019

Believe me or not

Hey guys i want to tell you something you know in 3 months ago i was playing wii sports boxing and i was fighting victor and i got him down for 3 seconds believe me or not

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Minefa5 Minefa5 6 September 2019

guys you won't believe that

sans he's now in the ultimate smash bros

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Minefa5 Minefa5 4 September 2019

green Chevrolet chevelle part 3 and last

Matt (ws): You Got a Bag Over your head boy. How You Feel About That?

Mohamed: Man. take it off. Please. Man I can't Breathe! Please!

Matt: Oh alright. but only because you Said Please.

(Matt pickup the bag)

(Mohamed breathing)

(Mohamed gets angry)

Mohamed: You F****** sick mf !

Matt: intimidate those who intimidate others Mohamed, it's my job. Right Mike?

Michael: (giggles) yeah

Mohamed: Hey, a man Where we at?

Matt: the middie of F****** Nowhere. nice. clean air.

Mohamed:F****** Ken oh Ahmed !

Matt: Ahmed is alive. alive and inside He's in a prison hospital being treated for Gunshot Wounds Awaiting trial.

Michael: yeah. Somehow Nobody's caught you yet?

Matt: Oh Yeah, you should be glad. Mohamed. Your m**** brother's Alive your Street. trash. soon to b…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 2 September 2019

green Chevrolet chevelle part 2

(Mohamed leaving ahmed house)

(phone rinning)

Mohamed: Ey

Steve: Hey Mohamed it's steve man.

Mohamed: I'm kinda busy now, something big going down.

Steve: Ese, I got to see you, holmes, tell you something.

Mohamed: Look, if it's about Areeg, don't worry, we cool, alright?

Steve: No. Mohamed you gotta come and see something. Something important, eh?

Mohamed: Well it's gonna have it wait...

Steve: This can't wait, holmes. If I tell you, you won't believe it, ese, I swear.

Mohamed: Ahh, OK. I got about five, so it better be good, where you at?

Steve: I'm under the freeway northside of Verdant Bluffs.

(Mohamed finished the call)

(Mohamed enter the car)

(Mohamed driving the car)
(Mohamed going to under the freeway northside of Verdant Bluffs.)

(3 minuts later) …

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