Minefa5 Minefa5 30 November 2020

special someone

i well write more soon

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Minefa5 Minefa5 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween everyone

Expect me because i don't celebrate it

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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 September 2020

So um

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Minefa5 Minefa5 6 August 2020

Matt's revenge prologue

Moustafa: congratulation for being all the best business people ever

Everyone: *clapping* yeah...congratulation everyone

Matt (WS): congratulation friend

Ryan: thank you Matt and everyone

everyone: *clapping*

???: Matt johnson

Matt: yes

Hitman: a gift from Pit rascalov *releasing pistol*

Matt: *catches hitman's hand and shot to front then to up and then to hitman*

business woman: AAAAAAAAAAHHH Ryan no *starts crying*

(Matt looking back and Ryan is dead)

Moustafa: oh dammit

Matt: *shooting hitman for 6 times* ugh *kicks hitman* ugh ugh

Moustafa: hey hey hey Matt Matt Matt calm down calm down easy easy

Matt: he told me to leave it, i left it

Moustafa: Matt Matt get up get up friend

Matt: oh man

Moustafa: gotta get outta here now the police coming right now,…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 26 July 2020

after Cory's wedding

Eduardo (WSR): i can't believe man he's gone he's f****** gone Nick's clone has left F***.

Abe: he didn't leave us Eduardo he was taken away and he ain't coming back.

Eduardo: and on his wedding friend i learned so much from him man about life and things important stuff like that you know so wrong so damn wrong.

Abe: i know Eduardo believe me i know later on.

Nick: Naoko the guy who got Cory killed is dead.

Naoko: that won't bring him back will? it he'll never ever meet his son

Nick: son?

Naoko: i'm pregnant, we were going to say something at the reception

Nick: your child will never worry about anything Naoko.

Naoko: thank you Nick i know you trying but a child without father has a lot to worry about trust me on that one.

Keiko/Yoshigirl/Rowan: Nic…

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