aka Mohamed Moustafa

  • I live in egypt
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Male
  • Minefa5

    Hello everyone today i will make blog of my miis

    Original idea by CelestiaTheGreatPrincess










    Hero the cat:0

    (The vote ending on the 5th april)

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  • Minefa5

    (Before you reading this Story this is original idea by crazy is crazy from youtube)

    (Mohamed dosen't do anything and Barbara came here)

    Barbara(WSC): Hi Mohamed

    Mohamed: *sigh* what do you want Barbara ?

    Barbara: i want to kiss you

    Mohamed: NO!!!!

    Barbara: but... why ?

    Mohamed: Because i don't like you

    Barbara: can i do something to change your mind?

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: i do everything for you

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: please?

    Mohamed: ok then

    Barbara: AAAAAAAAHH

    (Mohamed writing something for Barbara)

    Barbara: you serious bruh?

    (Mohamed made evil smile and Barbara got shocked)

    Barbara: deadline is 3:00 pm ?

    (Barbara looking in to clock and it's 2:35)

    Mohamed: i think you should hurry up

    Barbara: i do it and if i win... then i'm gonna kiss you

    Mohamed: you going…

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  • Minefa5


    February 21, 2020 by Minefa5

    For you all

    Note: unknown channel as female mii and mark as male mii

    Update: i forgot to put Quirky Nerdy

    Update 2.0: i put InsertMemeHere Hilvi Haslbäck and Miitopia guy

    Update 3.0: i put dadpleaseno

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  • Minefa5

    About cpu mii story

    February 13, 2020 by Minefa5

    I know the cpu miis story are good but i don't know why the cpu mii story it will be better with mii players

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  • Minefa5

    Wanna Sprunk Cranberry?

    January 29, 2020 by Minefa5

    (before you reading story this original idea by DaFuq!?Boom! from youtube)

    (Mohamed Depicted grove)

    (Mohamed make thumbs up)

    Kentaro(WS): OOOOH

    (Akira ws leaving kitchen with turkey)

    Kentaro: Ay!

    (Akira fell off by toy train)

    Kentaro: Streets are cold,dawg...

    (Nick trying to get taco)

    (Turkey got put on the table)

    Nick: man i don't wanna chicken

    Kentaro: Ice cold baby!

    (Asian mii saved akira from ballas behind him)

    Nick: oh s*** run

    (Nick wraped the table and found the gun In under the table)

    Kentaro: I asked the fool...You want some cranberry?

    Mohamed: yeah

    Ahmed: NO,i wanna strawberry!

    Kentaro: Listen to me!

    Ahmed: No way Hell naw! Come with a strawberry!

    Kentaro: One gentleman,to anotha! (wink)

    Ahmed: HELL NAH!

    Kentaro: Cran...

    Ahmed: Strawberry! Nice try,but…

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