that special someone part 3 and final

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*Pavel pointing at tub*

Zi-kai: we should go Pavel. you've seen what happened to him

tub: where am i what is this place? you said i ruined you, you were always harass other people. i just helped you to see that! i'm lost... I'M LOST!

Pavel: *shoots tub 7 times*

tub: thank you...

Pavel: *shoots tub 5 times* you peace of s***. that was for the everyone. that was for me.

Zi-kai: okay Pavel it's over. it's over now. leave him there we should go before anyone turns up. well you take me to Dunbar's house

(Pavel and Zi-kai enters the car and leaving rendezvous)

Pavel: i'm turning this s*** off i can't listening to those annoying ads and dj's right now

Zi-kai: there you go, you got your revenge. how does it feel?

Pavel: i don't know how it feels. i'm trying to take it all in.

Zi-kai: this is a moment you've been waiting so long. Pavel what do you mean you don't know how you feel?

Pavel: i mean i don't know i feel empty okay? i feel empty.

Zi-kai: that's something at least

Pavel: no Zi-kai it's nothing. the emptiness is what i'm trying to get rid of by finding tub. i've been empty since that day. i thought that revenge that killing tub, might fill me up a bit. it might give me some substance.

Zi-kai: and it hasn't.

Pavel: No it hasn't. does that make you happy?

Zi-kai: of course it doesn't make me happy but this is good for you maybe now that you know revenge is not what you what you are after you can look for. fulfillment in other places. healthy once.

Pavel: maybe... maybe, i don't know

(Pavel and Zi-kai went to Dunbar's house)

Zi-kai: here we are do you want to come in and hang it with Dunbar?

Pavel: No, i need to be alone. thank you for being with me, friend.

Zi-kai: do not mention it call me, Pavel. the wedding is soon *entering Dunbar's house*

(the end)

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