homecoming part 3

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*Mohamed and Ahmed checking their street*

the dealer: hey hey hey yo man ya'll buy ps5? it's really good it sort of work-

Ahmed: hey what the fu- that's my ps5.

*the dealer runs away*

Mohamed: looks like baseheads took over the spot let's go home.

Ahmed: this is home man, get these f***** out of our house, we grew up there damn...

*Mohamed and Ahmed about to kill the dealers*

*Mohamed and Ahmed killed all the dealers and now they about to kill the ballas to bring the street again*

*Mohamed and Ahmed have provoked a gang war and they killed all the ballas*

Mohamed: alright let's get out of here go see our family

Ahmed: Our family can come see me right here at our home.

Mohamed: but it ain't nothing here no more

Ahmed: rome wasn't built in a day brother

Mohamed: my brother can be a real pain in the a**

*the end*

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