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*Mohamed waiting Ahmed to leaving the jail*

*Ahmed Walks to Mohamed*

Ahmed: What's up bro.

Mohamed: Hey what's up man.

Ahmed: how you doing bro?

Mohamed: I'm alright man Hey man we off to our new spot we got a mention Ahmed we've been putting in works and s*** is going well, we got a stake in casino, we got some insane s*** in san Francisco we got some new games hey man lemme get some new clothes c'mon.

Ahmed: New clothes? Mohamed wtf is this bulls***?

Mohamed: What's you mean man? What's mine is yours and you know that.

Ahmed: you never did get it did you Mohamed? I need to check-on things in the street man that's the problem you always a perpetrator running from what's real.

Mohamed: hey man s***'s F***** up here you don't want to be in the street.

Ahmed: no this is exactly what i want to been what you done to our street?

Mohamed: Man what the street done for me always dragging me down ever since got out of street S*** been cracking that's everybody dream to get out of street-

Ahmed: man your sound JUST like Ken right now.

Mohamed: .....Alright man you hard i'ma show you what's going on in the street.

(Mohamed and Ahmed Enter the car and going to the grove street)

Mohamed: You gotta understand s***'s all f***** up now dude.

Ahmed: Yeah.

Mohamed: What's you want it ain't here around no more.

Ahmed: just take me to our house.

(Mohamed and Ahmed went to the grove street)

(To be continued)