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*Mohamed calling on his phone*

Mohamed: i don't care how i care when as a now you hear me?

*someone grab his phone*

Mohamed: hey man what the-

*Miguel hangs up his phone call*

Miguel: Hello boss man, taking care of business i see.

Mohamed: Miguel f*** you i almost lost my life out there for you.

Miguel: I've just got tiny little things for you to do.

Mohamed: you know what? *pulls gun out* i'm tired of your f****** little job.

Miguel: oh, will you stop. this is pathetic come on. you're embarrassing yourself. come on put it down don't be ridiculous ok? hey i got little surprise for you there you ready for this huh answer it

*Mohamed's phone ring*

Mohamed: *grabs his phone and answer it* Hello?

Ahmed: Mohamed it's me Ahmed.

Mohamed: oh Ahmed.

Ahmed: i don't know what happened they just released me. no idea what's going on? but i'm in the square outside the precinct in commerce.

Mohamed: alright you hold tight i'll be right there

Ahmed: alright.

Mohamed: *hangs up* so what little job you was talking about Miguel?

Miguel: i just want you to go pick up your brother get out of here.

(Mohamed leaving and enter his car and going to the jail)