Matt (ws): You Got a Bag Over your head boy. How You Feel About That?

Mohamed: Man. take it off. Please. Man I can't Breathe! Please!

Matt: Oh alright. but only because you Said Please.

(Matt pickup the bag)

(Mohamed breathing)

(Mohamed gets angry)

Mohamed: You F****** sick mf !

Matt: intimidate those who intimidate others Mohamed, it's my job. Right Mike?

Michael: (giggles) yeah

Mohamed: Hey, a man Where we at?

Matt: the middie of F****** Nowhere. nice. clean air.

Mohamed:F****** Ken oh Ahmed !

Matt: Ahmed is alive. alive and inside He's in a prison hospital being treated for Gunshot Wounds Awaiting trial.

Michael: yeah. Somehow Nobody's caught you yet?

Matt: Oh Yeah, you should be glad. Mohamed. Your m**** brother's Alive your Street. trash. soon to be turned out family's alive. and they's only sucking one g*****ball's D***. Things are going pretty well for you Mohamed. so behave, n****

Michael: We want you to do a little favor for us Mohamed.

(Matt micheal and mohamed leaving the police car)

Mohamed: Can't believe Michael mf Ken turn on me.

Michael: Ken? Ken does exactly what he's told He learned that lesson a long time ago

Mohamed: damn man take it easy

Matt: Homies for life. Street loyalty ? that's all bulls*** Mohamed. Didn't You learn That When They ran you out of town just 'you let Yousef Die ? Huh ? Michael, I can't deal with this guy's any. He's an idiot!

Michael: Let me air this f***** out,

Mohamed: I...

(Michael tries to kill Mohamed with gun)

Matt: No no no no no no no Officer. For once. let's let the kid do something good with this useless life. He's gonna help us with fight against Crime Right Mohamed.

Michael: Yeah By any means necessary.

Matt: Now you Stay the f*** away from Ken. and stay the f*** away from us. Otherwise Ahmed gonna find himself on a ballas Block getting in touch with his feminine side. Hey Saburo, you Going To Piss all day ?

Michael: come here

Mohamed: Get Your Hands off me. Man

Michael: For some Reason. we' ve got a little problem with a former friends of ours. He seem to disagree with some of our methods.

Mohamed: Now who could Do That

Matt: Yeah, you'll never find anybody as fork-tongued as this snake a** b******. Soon as he gets caught With his hand in the cookie jar. He'll Whistle any tune Internal Affairs wants him to.

Michael: See they' ve got him hiding up Mount Chiliad Someplace. So they can manipulate his testimony any way they want to.

Matt: I want you to pay Him a little visit. Mohamed. And Destroy All his evidence Before he testifies.

Michael: Soft this out Mohamed. so Officer Matt can sleep easy at NIght.

Mohamed: Man!

Michael: We evidence. he ain't gonna talk.

(Matt michael and saburo leaving this place)

(the end)

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