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Eduardo (WSR): i can't believe man he's gone he's f****** gone Nick's clone has left F***.

Abe: he didn't leave us Eduardo he was taken away and he ain't coming back.

Eduardo: and on his wedding friend i learned so much from him man about life and things important stuff like that you know so wrong so damn wrong.

Abe: i know Eduardo believe me i know later on.

Nick: Naoko the guy who got Cory killed is dead.

Naoko: that won't bring him back will? it he'll never ever meet his son

Nick: son?

Naoko: i'm pregnant, we were going to say something at the reception

Nick: your child will never worry about anything Naoko.

Naoko: thank you Nick i know you trying but a child without father has a lot to worry about trust me on that one.

Keiko/Yoshigirl/Rowan: Nick i heard about your brother Nick i am so sorry

Nick: so am i?

Keiko/Yoshigirl/Rowan: if you want to talk about if you want anything Nick if you just want company. call me.

Nick: i want Cory back

Keiko/Yoshigirl/Rowan: don't let this ruin you Nick. don't let this making you even insular and angry. please call me and we can do something.

Nick: i might do that there more important things to be doing now though.

Abe: so this is what the dreams feels like.

Nick: this is the victory we longed for.