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Hello my friends i want tell you something about your Mii ok let's go

Végégon: your mii looks like jungle man

William: your Mii looks like you in real life and college boy

Jonas: your mii looks like high school student

Zerousage: your mii looks like cat

TheShinyLucarioMaster: your mii looks like middle school student

Dai4lyf: your mii looks like daisuke(wsc) incredible job

King LF5: your mii looks so funny

IAmAwesome2: your mii looks so incredible

LilGreenYoshi: (same as William)

KingFire4IcePowerAAA: your mii looks so similar Guest C

You crab: (same as angus)

CelestiaTheGreatPrincess: your mii looks so awesome

RobloxRulesEst2019: your mii looks like primary school student

The Plant Developer: (same as jonas)

Howiloveit: (same as The Plant Developer)

YoungArtist79: (same as howiloveit)

Quirky Nerdy: (same as kate)

InsertMemeHere: (same as you crab)

Hilvi Haslbäck: i'm sorry going to saying that to you but your mii looks like a girl

MarquessMark: (same as LilGreenYoshi)

Cherry is alive: your mii looks like Pavel

so what do you think about my mii