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(before you reading story this original idea by DaFuq!?Boom! from youtube)

(Mohamed Depicted grove)

(Mohamed make thumbs up)

Kentaro(WS): OOOOH

(Akira ws leaving kitchen with turkey)

Kentaro: Ay!

(Akira fell off by toy train)

Kentaro: Streets are cold,dawg...

(Nick trying to get taco)

(Turkey got put on the table)

Nick: man i don't wanna chicken

Kentaro: Ice cold baby!

(Asian mii saved akira from ballas behind him)

Nick: oh s*** run

(Nick wraped the table and found the gun In under the table)

Kentaro: I asked the fool...You want some cranberry?

Mohamed: yeah

Ahmed: NO,i wanna strawberry!

Kentaro: Listen to me!

Ahmed: No way Hell naw! Come with a strawberry!

Kentaro: One gentleman,to anotha! (wink)

Ahmed: HELL NAH!

Kentaro: Cran...

Ahmed: Strawberry! Nice try,but not today!

Kentaro: Come on,housin b****!

(Ahmed got shocked)

Nick: Damn

Ahmed: You don't respect-

Kentaro: Mess with the best,huh?

Ahmed: Man,you made the biggest mistake

(Mohamed talking to balla gang)

Mohamed: My brother can be real pain in a**...

Ahmed: Mohamed! You must've been adopted!

(Ahmed thrown sprunk cranberry from kentaro hand and hit balla gang in the head and nick got it)

Mohamed: Ahmed! Ahmed!

Ahmed: Come on Mohamed,listen to me for one second!

(Everyone running from kentaro power cranberry)

(Ahmed dropped the gun and start running)

Ahmed: Mohamed you always mothaf-NO!

(Ahmed got hit by sprunk cranberry)

(Everyone start celebriting again and Mohamed going to get Cranberry)

Mohamed: Ahmed! you alright?

Ahmed: hell no...

(the end)