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Warning: before you reading this story don't use real people in your story

(phone call noises)

U.L Paper: Pavel, i have your man. he's been flown in we're going to drop him in airport cargo area for you

Pavel: no more jobs. is that it? am i out?

U.L paper: you're out you're done good things for us and we are grateful that said I've giving you a lot of protection from here you're alone goodbye.

(Phone call ended)

(Pavel calling Zi-kai's)

Pavel: Zi-kai they brought tub into the country for me. this is almost over i'm going to finish it.

Zi-kai: Pavel you can't do this alone i'm coming for you come collect me from firefly island.

Pavel: alright wait there for me.

(Pavel going to pick up Zi-kai)

(Pavel went to firefly island)

Zi-kai: Buddy there you are. *entering Pavel's car*

Pavel: they are bringing him to the cargo bay at Francis international. i do not want to be late after i have waited so long.

(Pavel and Zi-kai going to rendezvous)

Zi-kai: well this is the big moment - what have you been waiting for for so long. i hope will not disappointed

Pavel: disappointment is not a consideration. i have not been the same since the day tub betrayed everyone. since everyone don't like me anymore

Zi-kai: you lost a lot of love that day Pavel. we both did

Pavel: in some way our friends from wiki were lucky i lost myself that day too. everything that good and innocent in me left along with them. if i could lives hours again. i think i would have pretended to be buried in the pit along with everyone else. this is all that is left of me. what am i a good Zi-kai? what is my trade? i deal in death because that is open to me.

Zi-kai: i well tell you what your good at Pavel. you are a good friend you still have a integrity. no matter what you say there is humanity in you. you still have a power to be good. it's important that you believe that.

Pavel: maybe i start to believe it when tub is dead. that might give me some perspective.

Zi-kai: this saddens must stop Pavel. once is done then you must begin to forgive. think about your future instead the horrible things that happened to you. to us to all us in the past.

Pavel: after this is done, then we can talk about forgiveness and redemption. now is not the time for such conversion

(Pavel and Zi-kai went to rendezvous)

Pavel: this is it, this where it all ends.

to be continued