(ahmed playing fifa 20)

(House vibrates)

ahmed: wtf ?

kentaro ws: (coughs)

ahmed: ken wtf are you doin?

kentaro: it's mohamed fool

ahmed: what?

kentaro: i'm just tryin' to enjoy my food (coughs)

(House vibrates again)

ahmed: f***!

ahmed: man this is f***** up

ahmed: hope that fool is no busta

(ahmed got shocked)

ahmed: dude!

mohamed: oh s***

(mohamed jumped in to the bed)

(ahmed gets angry)

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be a professor house jerk-off

mohamed: d***

(ahmed and nick are talking)

ahmed: yeah so if there hint of trouble he

(mohamed became mario)

mohamed: it's a me mario boing hoohoo hooo dahahahahahahaaaa

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be smash

mohamed: okie dokie here we go wooaaaaaaaaah

(mohamed jumped in to the water)

nick: ah man my water

(ahmed mohamed and grove went to funeral)

ahmed: this is it mohamed you stay put while hop over wall and check it out

(ahmed and grove they jumped over the wall)

ahmed: ok mohamed come on over

(but mohamed Isn't coming)

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be a motherf***** peace of s***

(ahmed looking to find mohamed)

ahmed: mohamed ? mohamed!

(mohamed driving a car with games)

ahmed: he must've been adopted

ahmed: i'll see you inside baby ( he maen football/soccer)

ahmed: man this set tripping is killing the families you did good back here

mohamed : ey i'm your housien boy

ahmed: yeah i got unfinished bussniess big love

(ahmed enter to his house)

(mohamed enter to ahmed house)

(ahmed dancing to his football/soccer)

(mohamed see ahmed and he's dancing)

(ahmed gets angry)

ahmed: now come on what are you thinkin mohamed you f****** fool for once don't be c*** block

(kentaro leaving the bathroom)

kentaro ws: ohh man that s*** filled the hole

(mohamed driving to balla hood)

balla gang: what the hell? C'mon you yong punk ey that's grove street go ahead

(balla gang got off mohamed from the car)

mohamed: ah where the police when you need 'em (balla gang punched mohamed)

(balla gang singing the rap)

balla gang: what it feel like on the concrete huh? now you leaking you broke it? you fix it so what you have young punk? you are way out of bound where you runnin to listen up ain't too old catch you

mohamed: s*** Cmon dude i ain't into this s*** i'm sorry man i ain't no gangbanger i won't know family boys dude they gonna die alone

(ahmed got shocked)

ahmed: mohamed wtf is this bulls***

(mohamed got shocked)

mohamed: oh s***

(ahmed gets really angry)

ahmed: mohamed for once don't be a balla fool

mohamed: okay

kentaro ws: die lil balla fool (to mohamed)

mohamed: ayayay ow eh ooh argh ouch eh oh...s***

balla gang: quit pausin with that man impasse

mohamed: ay ay ay ow eh ooh

(the end)

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