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Mark: you PHONY

Na-Rae: oh hey guys what's going on. why you looks so mad?

Mohamed: ey Na-Rae you buster straight fake you stabbed Mark and Xiaojian in the back

Na-Rae: guys i don't know what are you talking about but i'm the best right Mark?

Mark: you're not the best. you's a cheater you's a fake

Na-Rae: guys i was going to making as the masters. here now you and Xiaojian are masters miis

Mark: little bastard i should just smack dogs*** out your a** break your face right here mf

???: yeah you phony heh heh heh heh mr Mark party Phil blasten wpu

Mohamed: hold up if you wanna talk talk to me

(Mark and Xiaojian fighting Na-Rae)

party Phil: oh okay pleasure gentelman let's talk all right i need hits i mean hits and now what about this lady... this phony... i've got a good mind to sue her a** into next year

Na-Rae: Mark get off me you dumb

(Na-rae dropped the two ticket of masters miis)

Mohamed: Hey Na-Rae go get us some lunch

Na-Rae: you get lunch

(Na-Rae tries to take the ticket)

Mark: excuse me queen - i don't think so

Na-Rae: dude - get outta here

(Xiaojian pushing Na-Rae)

Na-Rae: don't pushing me don't pushing me ok?

(Na-Rae leaving)

(the end)