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Minefa5 Minefa5 29 July 2021

homecoming part 3

the end*

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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 June 2021

homecoming part 2

Ahmed Walks to Mohamed*

Ahmed: What's up bro.

Mohamed: Hey what's up man.

Ahmed: how you doing bro?

Mohamed: I'm alright man Hey man we off to our new spot we got a mention Ahmed we've been putting in works and s*** is going well, we got a stake in casino, we got some insane s*** in san Francisco we got some new games hey man lemme get some new clothes c'mon.

Ahmed: New clothes? Mohamed wtf is this bulls***?

Mohamed: What's you mean man? What's mine is yours and you know that.

Ahmed: you never did get it did you Mohamed? I need to check-on things in the street man that's the problem you always a perpetrator running from what's real.

Mohamed: hey man s***'s F***** up here you don't want to be in the street.

Ahmed: no this is exactly what i want to b…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 29 May 2021

homecoming part 1

Mohamed's phone ring*

Mohamed: *grabs his phone and answer it* Hello?

Ahmed: Mohamed it's me Ahmed.

Mohamed: oh Ahmed.

Ahmed: i don't know what happened they just released me. no idea what's going on? but i'm in the square outside the precinct in commerce.

Mohamed: alright you hold tight i'll be right there

Ahmed: alright.

Mohamed: *hangs up* so what little job you was talking about Miguel?

Miguel: i just want you to go pick up your brother get out of here.

(Mohamed leaving and enter his car and going to the jail)

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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 April 2021

why Tatsuaki and Abby are the worst pairs in friend connection

here's the story, Abby and Tatsuaki chose a deferent answers like "what's your favorite pet?" Abby chose cat and Tatsuaki chose dog and they did very bad in minigames like Flycycle Team because they're beginner miis and that's why they are the worst skills in friend connection.

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Minefa5 Minefa5 18 March 2021

that special someone part 3 and final

Pavel pointing at tub*

Zi-kai: we should go Pavel. you've seen what happened to him

tub: where am i what is this place? you said i ruined you, you were always harass other people. i just helped you to see that! i'm lost... I'M LOST!

Pavel: *shoots tub 7 times*

tub: thank you...

Pavel: *shoots tub 5 times* you peace of s***. that was for the everyone. that was for me.

Zi-kai: okay Pavel it's over. it's over now. leave him there we should go before anyone turns up. well you take me to Dunbar's house

(Pavel and Zi-kai enters the car and leaving rendezvous)

Pavel: i'm turning this s*** off i can't listening to those annoying ads and dj's right now

Zi-kai: there you go, you got your revenge. how does it feel?

Pavel: i don't know how it feels. i'm trying …

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