aka Mohamed Moustafa

  • I live in egypt
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Male
  • Minefa5

    who are we?

    June 3, 2020 by Minefa5

    Did you even trying to ask who are we? are we a nice person who always chilling and helping each other or we are monsters who always becoming a toxic, screaming and yelling to each other, you know in the last year we was just talking about Matt memes not about this wiki and now we are just talking about poofesure and other wii sports youtubers are not important on this wiki, you know people was here before us they always carrying about this wiki helping each other and  about their miis and now we are just talking about cpu miis and Matt memes, poofesure and other wii sports youtubers and sockpuppets so we must have to stop talking about poofesure because it's not very important on this wiki to liking or hating cpu because of poofesure it's…

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  • Minefa5

    Mark: you PHONY

    Na-Rae: oh hey guys what's going on. why you looks so mad?

    Mohamed: ey Na-Rae you buster straight fake you stabbed Mark and Xiaojian in the back

    Na-Rae: guys i don't know what are you talking about but i'm the best right Mark?

    Mark: you're not the best. you's a cheater you's a fake

    Na-Rae: guys i was going to making as the masters. here now you and Xiaojian are masters miis

    Mark: little bastard i should just smack dogs*** out your a** break your face right here mf

    ???: yeah you phony heh heh heh heh mr Mark party Phil blasten wpu

    Mohamed: hold up if you wanna talk talk to me

    (Mark and Xiaojian fighting Na-Rae)

    party Phil: oh okay pleasure gentelman let's talk all right i need hits i mean hits and now what about this lady... this pho…

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  • Minefa5

    Today is

    April 6, 2020 by Minefa5

    Me and my brother birthday

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  • Minefa5

    Hello everyone today i will make blog of my miis

    Original idea by CelestiaTheGreatPrincess










    Hero the cat:0

    (The vote ending on the 5th april)

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  • Minefa5

    (Before you reading this Story this is original idea by crazy is crazy from youtube)

    (Mohamed dosen't do anything and Barbara came here)

    Barbara(WSC): Hi Mohamed

    Mohamed: *sigh* what do you want Barbara ?

    Barbara: i want to kiss you

    Mohamed: NO!!!!

    Barbara: but... why ?

    Mohamed: Because i don't like you

    Barbara: can i do something to change your mind?

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: i do everything for you

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: please?

    Mohamed: ok then

    Barbara: AAAAAAAAHH

    (Mohamed writing something for Barbara)

    Barbara: you serious bruh?

    (Mohamed made evil smile and Barbara got shocked)

    Barbara: deadline is 3:00 pm ?

    (Barbara looking in to clock and it's 2:35)

    Mohamed: i think you should hurry up

    Barbara: i do it and if i win... then i'm gonna kiss you

    Mohamed: you going…

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