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Now, let me say some things before I show the placements for all the Mii Survivor seasons I've done so far. First of all, thank you to LutakiP (for telling me how to get the images to work) and YoungArtist79 (his survivor seasons on the My Miis Wiki gave me the idea to do this) Their seasons are on the My Miis Wiki. Secondly, I will only be posting the first teams from both seasons, and the final results. I won't be saying how many votes they got or if they left due to an injury, and I won't say what the challenge was. Only the results and the original teams. Thirdly, in the second season and onward, the 5 worst players from each team will be returning for the next season, and the top 5 best will not return. Fourthly, I'm not 100% certain I made every Mii completely correct. (Especially Marius) Fifthly, I will be making enough seasons to fill the final season with all of the champions, ranging from Marius to whoever wins season 20. Season 21, the final season, will be the champion's season.

Season 1

20th: Tatsuaki

The Teams in Season 1. (Team 1 is called Wii Sports, I accidentally cut it out of the pic)

19th: Ji-Hoon

18th: Abe

17th: Frank

16th: Hiromasa

15th: Greg

14th: Cheng-Han

13th: Gerald

12th: Haru

11th: Joseph

10th: Nick

9th: Jianjun

8th: James

7th: William

6th: Rin

5th: Guillermo

4th: Steve

3rd: Ren

2nd: Mark

1st: Marius

Season 2

20th: Gerald

The Teams in Season 2 (Newcomers: Chika, George, Jessie, Takashi, Tyrone, Haixiang, Laura, Pavel, Susie, Xiaojian)

19th: Tatsuaki

18th: Haixiang

17th: Haru

16th: Frank

15th: Susie

14th: Laura

13th: Xiaojian

12th: Ji-Hoon

11th: Takashi

10th: Joseph

9th: Greg

8th: Jessie

7th: Cheng-Han

6th: Hiromasa

5th: Abe

4th: Tyrone

3rd: George

2nd: Chika

1st: Pavel

Season 3

20th: Gerald

Teams for season 3 Newcomers: Cole, Ian, Jake, Megan, Rainer, Akira (WSC), André, Bowen, Jeff, and John (WSC).

19th: John (WSC)

18th: Haixiang

17th: Frank

16th: Rainer

15th: Susie

14th: Megan

13th: Haru

12th: Bowen

11th: Laura

10th: Akira (WSC)

9th: Takashi

8th: Jeff

7th: Jessie

6th: Tatsuaki

5th: Jake

4th: Cole

3rd: André

2nd: Greg

1st: Ian

Season 4

20th: Araceli

Season 4 teams. (Newcomers: Eduardo (WS), Gwen, Shohei, Tomoko, Víctor (WS), Alphonse, Araceli, Hyun-Woo, Xue-Ren, Zi-Kai

19th: Haru

18th: Xue-Ren

17th: Susie

16th: Shohei

15th: Haixiang

14th: Víctor (WS)

13th: Tomoko

12th: Gwen

11th: John (WSC)

10th: Rainer

9th: Eduardo (WS)

8th: Jessie

7th: Takashi

6th: Gerald

5th: Zi-Kai

4th: Megan

3rd: Hyun-Woo

2nd: Alphonse

1st: Frank

Season 5

20th: Asami

Season 5 teams (Newcomers: Asami, Elisa, Pierre, Saburo, Tommy, Carlo, Dylan, Rie, Sho, Skip)

19th: Tommy

18th: Skip

17th: Susie

16th: Sho

15th: John (WSC)

14th: Xue-Ren

13th: Araceli

12th: Shohei

11th: Carlo

10th: Gwen

9th: Pierre

8th: Elisa

7th: Haru

6th: Saburo

5th: Rie

4th: Haixiang

3rd: Víctor

2nd: Tomoko

1st: Dylan

Season 6

20th: Marco

Mii Survivor Season 6 teams (Newcomers: Marco, Marisa, Sarah, Fumiko, Shouta, Chris (WSC), Clara, Pedro, Pian-PIan, Steven)

19th: Sarah

18th: Marisa

17th: Tommy

16th: Pian-Pian

15th: Pierre

14th: Shouta

13th: Asami

12th: Skip

11th: Steven

10th: Susie

9th: Pedro

8th: Gwen

7th: John (WSC)

6th: Fumiko

5th: Clara

4th: Xue-Ren

3rd: Chris (WSC)

2nd: Shohei

1st: Sho

Season 7

20th: Massimo

Mii Survivor season 7 teams (Newcomers: Anna, Jackie, Luca, Misaki, Shinta, Dunbar, Erick, Massimo, Merrick, Rui)

19th: Pierre

18th: Susie

17th: Marco

16th: Rui

15th: Misaki

14th: Dunbar

13th: Luca

12th: Steven

11th: Anna (WS)

10th: Tommy

9th: Skip

8th: Jackie

7th: Sarah

6th: Erick

5th: Shinta

4th: Marisa

3rd: Pedro

2nd: Pian-Pian

1st: Merrick

Season 8

20th: João

Season 8 teams (Newcomers: Chris, Eddy, Hiromi, Hiroshi, Yoko, Barbara, João, Kaori, Kazuhiko, Xixi)

19th: Xixi

18th: Pierre

17th: Barbara (WSC)

16th: Misaki

15th: Rui

14th: Kazuhiko

13th: Chris (WS)

12th: Steven

11th: Yoko

10th: Anna (WS)

9th: Kaori

8th: Massimo

7th: Hiromi (WS)

6th: Eddy

5th: Marco

4th: Susie

3rd: Dunbar

2nd: Hiroshi

1st: Luca

Season 9

20th: Rui

Season 9 teams (Newcomers: Miyu, Pablo, Sandra, Siobhán, Sota, Joost, José, Marit, Mi-sun, Mizuho)

19th: Pierre

18th: Siobhán

17th: Pablo

16th: José

15th: Marit

14th: Sota

13th: Kazuhiko

12th: Mizuho

11th: Joost

10th: Chris (WS)

9th: Miyu

8th: Sandra

7th: Xixi

6th: Anna (WS)

5th: Barbara (WSC)

4th: Yoko

3rd: João

2nd: Mi-sun

1st: Misaki

Season 10

20th: Bernd 

Season 10 teams (Newcomers: Ai, David, Eva, Mia (WS), Rachel, Adrien, Bernd, Jin-ah, Polly, Sara)

19th: José

18th: Mia (WS)

17th: Ai

16th: Jin-ah

15th: Marit

14th: Siobhán

13th: Rui

12th: Eva

11th: Pablo

10th: Kazuhiko

9th: Mizuho

8th: Polly

7th: Adrien

6th: Sara

5th: Sota

4th: Rachel

3rd: Pierre

2nd: David (WS)

1st: Chris (WS)

Season 11

20th: Rui

Season 11 teams (Newcomers: Alisha, Emily, Midori, Sakura, Ursula, Barry, Bernardo, Jialan, Masako, Millie)

19th: Ursula

18th: Marit

17th: Siobhán

16th: José

15th: Barry

14th: Masako

13th: Jin-ah

12th: Millie

11th: Mia (WS)

10th: Sakura

9th: Ai

8th: Bernd

7th: Bernardo

6th: Eva

5th: Jialan

4th: Alisha

3rd: Midori

2nd: Emily

1st: Pablo

Season 12

20th: Ai

Season 12 teams (Newcomers: Andy, Miguel, Ryan, Shinnosuke, Theo, Bo-Jia, Ilka, Mitsu, Rui-Lin, Sophia)

19th: Bo-Jia

18th: Rui

17th: Ilka

16th: Siobhán

15th: Andy

14th: José

13th: Sakura

12th: Sophia

11th: Masako

10th: Marit

9th: Rui-Lin

8th: Mitsu

7th: Shinnosuke

6th: Ursula

5th: Barry

4th: Mia (WS)

3rd: Theo

2nd: Ryan

1st: Miguel

Season 13

20th: Mónica

Season 13 teams (Newcomers: Abby, Emma, Fritz, Gabriele, Michael, Ivo, Joana, Mónica, Ricardo, Se-young)

19th: Joana

18th: Michael

17th: Andy

16th: Rui

15th: José

14th: Se-young

13th: Gabriele

12th: Ai

11th: Ricardo

10th: Sakura

9th: Shinnosuke

8th: Siobhán

7th: Emma

6th: Sophia

5th: Abby

4th: Ilka

3rd: Ivo

2nd: Bo-Jia

1st: Fritz (sorry HowILoveIt :| )

Season 14

20th: David (WSC)

Mii Survivor 14 teams (Newcomers: Akira, Ashley, Daisuke, Giovanna, Nelly, Anne, Daisuke, David, Giulia, Victor)

19th: Andy

18th: Ashley

17th: Sakura

16th: Ai

15th: Anne

14th: Nelly

13th: Giulia

12th: Daisuke (WS)

11th: José

10th: Rui

9th: Joana

8th: Akira (WS)

7th: Michael

6th: Victor (WSC)

5th: Daisuke (WSC)

4th: Se-young

3rd: Gabriele

2nd: Mónica

1st: Giovanna

Season 15

20th:  Eduardo (WSC)

Mii Survivor season 15 teams (Newcomers: Julie, Kentaro (WS), Maria (WS), Naomi, Stéphanie, Cristina, Eduardo (WSC), Jesús, Kentaro (WSC), Maria (WSC))

19th: Stéphanie

18th: Nelly

17th: Andy

16th: Julie

15th: Rui

14th: Jesús

13th: Cristina

12th: Anne

11th: Kentaro (WSC)

10th: David (WSC)

9th: José

8th: Maria (WSC)

7th: Giulia

6th: Kentaro (WS)

5th: Ashley

4th: Maria (WS)

3rd: Naomi

2nd: Ai

1st: Sakura

Season 16

20th: Patricia

Season 16 teams (Newcomers: Alex, Gabi, Holly, Martin, Matt (WS), Anna (WSC), Léonie, Patricia, Yunyun, Yuriko)

19th: Holly

18th: Kentaro (WS)

17th: Léonie

16th: Yuriko

15th: Anne

14th: Eduardo (WSC)

13th: Gabi

12th: Cristina

11th: Matt (WS)

10th: Julie

9th: Martin

8th: Anna (WSC)

7th: Alex

6th: Yunyun

5th: Jesús

4th: Rui

3rd: Nelly

2nd: Andy

1st: Stéphanie

Season 17

20th: Enrique

Season 17 teams (Newcomers: Hayley, Keko, Silke, Susana, Vincenzo, Claudia, Enrique, Hiromi (WSC), Maximilian, Yuya)

19th: Holly

18th: Kentaro (WS)

17th: Gabi

16th: Matt (WS)

15th: Claudia

14th: Yuriko

13th: Léonie

12th: Eduardo (WSC)

11th: Hiromi (WSC)

10th: Keiko

9th: Maximilian

8th: Julie

7th: Patricia

6th: Anne

5th: Silke

4th: Yuya

3rd: Vincenzo

2nd: Susana

1st: Hayley

Season 18

20th: Kentaro (WS)

Season 18 teams (Newcomers: Barbara (WS), Naz, Oscar, Ross, Yoshi, Alice, Haruka, Juliette, Leonel, Olga)

19th: Haruka

18th: Léonie

17th: Olga

16th: Juliette

15th: Holly

14th: Yoshi

13th: Ross

12th: Enrique

11th: Keiko

10th: Barbara (WS)

9th: Claudia

8th: Oscar

7th: Yuriko

6th: Gabi

5th: Leonel

4th: Alice

3rd: Eduardo (WSC)

2nd: Matt (WS)

1st: Naz

Season 19

20th: Ross

Season 19 teams (Newcomers: Cory, Don, Donna (WM), John (WM), Ray, Bruce, Delilah, Donna (WM), Xiuping, Yuehua)

19th: Keiko

18th: Olga

17th: Don

16th: Delilah

15th: Holly

14th: Juliette

13th: Haruka

12th: Ray

11th: Léonie

10th: Donna (WM)

9th: John (WM)

8th: Donna (WSC)

7th: Cory

6th: Yoshi

5th: Bruce

4th: Xiuping

3rd: Kentaro (WS)

2nd: Enrique

1st: Yuehua

Season 20

Season 20 teams (Newcomers: Guest B, Guest E, Mia (WM), Naoko, Tutori, Elena, Irina, Paula, Shu-Hui, Xiao-Tong)

20th: Elena

19th: Haruka

18th: Naoko

17th: Guest B

16th: Don

15th: Irina

14th: Keiko

13th: Paula

12th: Léonie

11th: Delilah

10th: Juliette

9th: Xiao-Tong

8th: Tutori

7th: Olga

6th: Shu-Hui

5th: Mia (WM)

4th: Ross

3rd: Guest E

2nd: Holly

1st: Ray

Season 21- Champion Season

This season is a bit different, since it's only people who've won a past season.

Season 21 Teams (No newcomers since it's only people who've won)

20th: Hayley

19th: Misaki

18th: Ray

17th: Sakura

16th: Dylan

15th: Chris

14th: Yuehua

13th: Luca

12th: Fritz

11th: Pablo

10th: Naz

9th: Frank

8th: Pavel

7th: Ian

6th: Merrick

5th: Miguel

4th: Sho

3rd: Stéphanie

2nd: Marius

1st: Giovanna

Pointless trivia!

  • Rui appeared in the most seasons, with a total of 9 appearences.
    • Susie and José had the second most appearences, with a total of 6 each.
  • Giovanna had the most wins, with 2.
  • The only Wii CPUs that did not appear (not including the guests) are Mike, Patrick, Takumi, Kathrin, Suzanne, Marsha, Steph, Helen, and Lucía.
  • Gerald and Rui are the only people to get last place twice.
    • However, Gerald was the only person to get last twice in a row.
  • Kentaro (WS) is the only person to get 6th place or above and still have to return.