Anti-Poofesure: adj. Having contempt for Poofesure and in opposition against him and his methods.

I am anti-Poofesure now because:

  1. His anger has become a tool. It feels like he only gets angry for attention and not for legitimate reasons. It feels staged and abused.
  2. There is no hold on his vocal anger anymore. Not only is that earrape fuel but it is also makes him appear immature, uncontrolled, neurotic and unhealthy. You've got to wonder how much lifespan he's lost.
  3. Of his physical anger. He thinks he can just smack and buffet every Wii Remote's juices out and keep getting new ones. How many more Wii Remotes are left in this world, you uncontrolled freak? He appears increasingly violent and crazy with each whack of the remote and, relating to no. 1, uses it as a dodge to garner unmerited blind masses. And let's not forget about that Tommy fiasco, where he broke his TV!
  4. His perverse treatment of the Miis. Unnecessarily idolises Matt, holds extreme dislike for Elisa for trivial reasons, calls other Miis he dislikes names (e.g. "goldfish" for Asami, "Dora" for Miyu), thinks his abusive shouting will get the Miis to go easy on him, what else...? And whenever the main hatred is gone, he'll have a toxic "vitriolic best buds" (see Tv Tropes) relationship with them.
  5. His perverted (difference, people, between this and perverse) treatment of Abby (and other "pretty" Miis). Continuously uses the words "balls" around her, has strong sexual innuendos/cusses with her ("sweet a## t#ts", "b###h", "c##t"), actually believes in a relationship between him and her. Oh, and does similar things among the WSC Miis he likes. Let's remember his Tsundere personality with Abby too, not even able to decide whether he likes her or not ("she's the devil in disguise", "but you're so cute, it's okay", "those feelings left outside of the chain-link fence around this basketball court", which sounds not only about Beef Boss but about his own views too). Would you want to be continuously picked up out of and thrown back in the garbage can in your relationship? There's a limit to how far your Tsundere ways can go!
  6. His crazy and psycotic, over-emotional behavior makes it hard to figure out what's real and what's not in his videos (which I, as you can see, have easily figured out here). Devolving into a sociopath? Not the coolest one and not an encouraged archetype. Who'd want to be caught in one of his blasts of anger?

He needs to take a breather, make things work, know when it's time to get mad and when not to and come out clean. His anger is clearly real outside of video games. Temper is always carried everywhere. He can make a difference someday, if he tried.

Remember users, you respect my opinion, I respect yours. Let us have mutual respect here.

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