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Alright, let's start getting this over with:

D:< Miis Reason/Comments


Goodness me, what an unfair boy! He really gives no chance and his play is wicked. I've seen him win one too many sports/parties, as if it were rigged in his favour. I get awful apprehensions from seeing that malice deep in his cocky face. He wants us to completely suffer. So many unnecessary privileges, so many malicious powers... you're dropped down to zero, boy.
Marie Is there anything that is absorbing about you (apart from your nice hair)? I don't think you make a great tennis partner and baseball isn't your shining moment. Plus, I find it hard to swallow that your party skills correspond with your named party skill. You're lame and too tame for what should be amazing games. Scratch that, ALL THE WSC MIIS HAVE NOTHING ON WS/R MIIS! Except the top few...
Mónica Well, I'm liking the special hair too and purple suits you but excluding that, you've only defined yourself as annoying to me, particularly in baseball.
Mitsu A genuine worker but don't be fooled! Behind that face that is candy is a demon! My headcanons have quickly shaped her, it seems. In her past life, her aggressive and obnoxious attitude caused WSC Kentaro to break up with her. She now waits to pounce on her next unfortunate encounter. What a bit- uh, bastard.

Finally, a Mii whose name doesn't begin with "M"! I literally just noticed as I typed this section that I was despising a lot of "M" Miis. Back to the point...

Yuck! If someone was an artificially attractive bit- um, bad woman (...?) In and out, it's this girl. She looks like her swearing, obscene gestures and bullying all combined to form an attitude that got her kicked out of most sports. She's as vile as grandmama Mitsu up there. As for baseball, well... like Mitsu she's so-so skilled in her play (but worse). Sometimes it looks like a cheat when she catches the ball! Think... Hiyoko Saionji of this girl. Ah, I know a word that sounds like the hatred I feel for this girl's ways... reprobate. One okay thing: she looks lively.

P.S. Expect a lot more comparisons. I'm going all out on distaste I feel for the Miis.

:( Miis Reason/Comments
Dunbar Out of despise, into the dislike. This boy looks and has a name that sounds Indian, yet it's a Scottish name, yet he's American. Come on, man. Anyways, he also looks tricky and Janus-faced. He's so overly wily; he didn't deserve to win that party game I swear I saw him win on Youtube (BTW, I want COPPA and its rules to go away). In sports, he's mostly a noob but boxing I can imagine well for him. He did do well when the boxing video was still there but the other nastiness he possesses makes him look like a naughty, naughty boy.
Daisuke Daisuke is an exceedingly dull man. And semi-OP in baseball. I don't like what that face is telling me. Master difficulty might (might) bring light to his fight though.
Bruce He's nice in personality but a dumb muscle - always, ALWAYS catching the ball in the nick of time as an opponent. If we had a spectrum of "diamond in the rough", he's on the exact end of the lower side. No charm going for him. Did I mention he looks like a bloodhound with his cheeks combining with the face? Did I mention he looks too much like Daisuke (which I just noticed as I was preparing to write this section)?

This woman's a rotting apple. What could've been sweet (likeable) about her has turned disgusting and I cannot find room for her to develop. Baseball is far from her top suite and advanced... isn't how I'd imagine her to go. Revolting.


Koreans, back to back. One's skills are disgustingly low and one's on the total other end of the spectrum. She appears like a big overbearing (in muscle) girl and too dangerous and hiding a bit-...yuh, barbed persona. Overpowered to the MAX (at least title-wise, sometimes she's weaker than other despicable masters like Maximilian)! In the end, I'm... I'm...

No human language can describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now.

Irina From Russia, With Love... - Irina  To Russia, with Dislike... - MarquessMark. To me, she replaced Ilka one time too many. AND YOU'RE GONNA GIVE ME A CHANCE, RUSSIAN RUFFIAN, BEFORE I POUND YA' WITH YOUR BACK TURNED. I think her beauty was staged too.
Rui Soooo boring. As dull as ditchwater. Most of his plays aren't exciting as I'd want them to be. His baseball fielding duties irk me (but at the same time gives me a sense of satisfaction whenever he's first baseman. Him running to the first base for the out is oddly enjoyable).

DAT'S RIGHT STIH-BEN! If you get the reference I'll be happy.

Out of the four black dudes in WSC, this dude is dry as dust. The most wearisome guy. His smile appears forced and... well, everything about him appears spurious. I don't believe he's a nice nor exciting baseball teammate, either side and either batter or fielder. Go away, man.

Side Note: Some obvious patterns going on here. 4 M's in a row, 3 dudes in a row, the females are caught in chains, the Korean females I do dislike more than the males etc.

:L Miis Reason/Comments
Marit Looks malicious and is super tough and tricky but she's become pretty, both in looks and in some areas of play, in a strange way.

Appears to be a controversial pop-star, "London" being her stage name. Forget Adrien/Hee-joon, SHE looks like she took plastic surgery. And I'm really disappointed by her lack of appearances. She does OK as a batter in baseball but she's lost potential.

Don't want'yo' bad romance!

Delilah An A-OK baseball teammate but she's too... average. And did you just catch my otherwise excellent batted ball!? Oh no you di'n't! You have not seen anyt'ing yet! I'll show you "rigged", baby! 
Polly Marvellous ponytail and all but she's one of the least remarkable star players. If I had more footage of ALL the Miis I guess I could judge her better. Still, I gotta' commend her decent fight in boxing. It matches her grade, all right.
Kaori Every tooth in that grin holds an ounce of complacency and intense smug attitude this young woman has. The combination with her eyes makes her appear way more threatening than she needs to be. She's only a level 7 twice and a *3, for crying out loud! I guess, she is appreciably adept and apt in those levels.
Skip Some little thing(s) about him narks(/nark) me. That sickeningly innocent and nerdy face he has... that aberrant WPU ranking... that spiritless play he sometimes shows.
Se-young I quickly found I viewed her as more of a ":L" than a ":(". Looks sweet and nice and is active in sports. But I'm not amused by her play. I think it's very basic. Apart from her otherwise special face, I find the amount of makeup on her to be exceedingly obvious and she'd go fine with a bit less. AND WHO SAID YOU COULD JUST BE STANDARD?


Added details: A noob not any more exciting than Hee-joon/Carlo. My headcanons have stuck to him and now I view him as, what Tv Tropes calls it, a "B**** in Sheep's Clothing" "Big Bad" hell-bent on using his hidden inventions to monopolize his district; this has resulted in an unpleasant aura. Finally, his "nerd" stereotype (advanced difficulty, bad at sports, weak face with glasses and unstyled hair) is dreadfully forced upon us. 

Jeff "My name is Jeff. My boxing is pathetic. My baseball and tennis is tolerable but not well enough to exactly match *1. My "master difficulty" suits me though."
Sara That hair is gold, like Stéphanie. Her party and sport play is silver. Her face is bronze. But that attitude and aura I get from her doesn't make it to the podium. And sometimes, the party fixes itself for her.
Adrien He looks like a lower-class Frenchman. And if my character profile for him didn't notice the exaggerated features enough, HowILoveIt did. He could've done without the wrinkles in my opinion. Darn though, I appreciate his tenacity in sports and black is attractive on him. The colour also gives light onto his dark play.

(Pulls a card out on WS Matt) UNO REVERSE! *SSSHHHHWIIIIIING*

What do we have here? Well, being reverse in sports skill DOES NOT make you an interesting foil to Matt if you can't live up to it. And somehow, a middle-class man like you ends up faring MUCH worse than third-rate, louche Ryan in boxing. I want to have more chances of observing you, both in parties and in baseball/tennis to fully judge you. But I bet your effort truly shines there. Somehow I can read you.

Side-Note The girls manage to rack up a pretty impressive streak up here yet again. 5 in a row! And I'm exhausting the baseball teammates already! And the next category is gonna too! 

Finally, we're getting to a more relatable and likeable group!

:l Miis Reason/Comments

HIS NAME IS JOOOOOOOOOOOOOHN! CENA. (2 of my fav videos in one reference. Whaddya' know?)

A fleshy man who is meant to have an awesome ego. The thing he needs to do is to top up on that awesomeness, as right now, only boxing and parties make him look and be intimidating. Elsewhere is a bit simple.

Xixi Cute name and rather pretty but her weak spots (IMO, parties and boxing) pummel her. She's a worthwhile tennis/baseball player at the same time. Her Chinese really shines when you see her top play.

Warning in advance: the two people that follow this one have striking similarities (but for the sake of ALBERTO, that doesn't mean they look similar ("have" vs "look").)

Unknown Channel (w h y ' d y o u r e t i r e?) was right; this boy looks like he'd be an awesome prankster (but not "Ulimate Prankster"... JUST KIDDING!). What she didn't account for, though, was the sliding scale of anguish that his pranks could fall into. I say he'd often go too far, with those piranha teeth telling the whole story. I'd want to be with him one time to see what pranks feel like. He's an average baseball player and I can't imagine anywhere but beginner in WPU.

Zi-Kai Those black marker dots tell a lot on the activeness he has... He's a mellow fellow whose low boxing show is pitiful yet apt and he gives the tone of the playing field he's in some relaxation. He's also pretty short but he's more affable than most tiny people in my school.
Sho An average baseballer like Ji-hoon, at least with less obtrusive expression. He makes me think of an adorkable and avid fanboy, like Radar from Minecraft: Story Mode, who has a gamer mind of epic proportions... and a few relationship problems. Expanding his role would be hard but engrossing (now that I think about it, maybe the same for Ji-hoon).

Finally we're done with that fiesta trio.

This dude is a tough German. Like HowILoveIt said, he appears to be hard-working. Yep, working to my chagrin in his play. He also looks sun-bernd (AHA-HA).

Paula She's a stalwart player too, with a bit more loyalty. And I have to ask if she's attempting to imitate a cool, retro style from the 90s/80s? I'm left wondering on two things: what nationality is combined with her American heritage? And: How can I expand her miniscule, insignificant role?
Jialan CelestiaTheGreatPrincess loves her because she's an "angel" and she "likes martial arts". One of the times that smart French gal made a thing a sublime contagion (oxymorons FTW). I initially viewed her as a mother wanting privacy but she doesn't look so negative now. She's rarer than Paula and nowhere near important enough, which I dislike about her.
Claudia Claudia is a sharp and short girl, like Sakura-chan, yet with stronger skills. Too strong for me yet not too overbearing like Na-rae is. I think I'm easy mode difficulty of Celeste's humble viewpoint on her and a tiny bit appreciative of her challenge that is of Alberto's vocal tenet.
Anna Anna looks like a baseball warrior of the past, being the hare of collecting bases and batting like it's personal, which all faded. Now she looks like a reminiscent and wary old lady who yielded to the years. And she did in my assertive viewpoint.
Ivo I ship him with Anna, despite the problematic aspects caused by him trying to force her out of her depression. He puts up the air of a tough and bullish old man who has a lot to hide on his true self (and now, with influence from Alberto's storytelling and art and my character profile, looks a bit militaristic). He's fun.
Victor He appears REALLY lower-class; like a beggar. What I don't like is that any gain/sweet victor-y  he has in baseball/parties feel contrived. But at least I have a more solid opinion of him than Ivo. And knowing that he's Russian suddenly makes him look twice as cool.
Hiromi The positive headcanon I formed of her (being adventurous despite looking fat and like an aristocrat) is slowly fading away due to me forgetting her constantly. Well, that's the perk of being only a minor baseball teammate, Hiromi!
Haixiang If you mix Leon's passion for baseball and 1/2 of Ryoma's gloominess (both characters from Danganronpa), you'd get my view of this guy. An ex-con playing baseball as that's the only thing reminding himself of the fresh outdoors, despite using baseball equipment for his crime also. He's got a brilliant blast when he's batting and he clenches onto the ball on the field like a shark clamping on its victim's limbs. I wish I had a more positive view on all the powers and the personality I gave/see in him.
Juliette To like you more than this ranking says? It is an honor that I dream not of. Wherefore art thou stale and seldom? That which we call a Titan Arum, by any other name would smell as noisome. Yet through your beautiful name and the images associated with princesses, I somehow appreciate you a good deal.
Xiuping An average teammate and average partygoer. That's pretty much it. Plus a great deal of wisdom on her face that could've been used a bit more in play.
Jin-ah Certainly has the most debonair, steezy, à la mode face, even if she's slightly blank. She has me picture a furtive shu-shu high-school gal. Her swell skill in sports backs up her manner and is a reason to hold her high (for this section) even if she gossips.
Bo-Jia Certainly a nice player in sports and parties and his suave looks are a bonus but he's so suave it appears to be the facade of a malevolent guy. Now that Alberto's noted the similarities between Miyu and him, I like him more than I would've
Alphonse Looks significantly more romantic (talking in sense of romanticism) than Adrien (cause they both have French names and I assume them to be French, plus they're back-to-back in Beginner, Alphabetical order) . He's A-OK and he plays nice, so his personality seems nice.
Carlo He looks ignoble and sordid; treacherous and shoddy; minacious and snaring; and charming too. This old man, he played one, he made me in sports have fun. I am pleased with his set skills but he could be a bit better in boxing.
Yuehua She looks like an aloof Poindexter who is somehow intriguing. She proved her worth a lot in WPU and decently in baseball. Time to do a bit more sports, Yuehua.
Side-Note All the Korean females are gone now! And we burned through a significant number of Chinese Miis. But there's so many (JUST LIKE CHINA'S POPULATION) we still have a long way to go with them! And there was a lot of baseball players here. They're more compelling than the failing lower Miis but have nothing on the flying Miis who have played in a LOT more sports than them/are even better teammates. And the girls, again, got trapped in a 5-in-a-row streak!

I'm prepared for your opinions. And prepared highly, I feel; more prepared than you guys ever were. Keep coming back to comment.