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"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

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Edit of 24 Jan 2020: I'm sorry. I can't deal with this. Not now. School's flogging me like a Latina mother and many dark thoughts have compounded in my head. Therefore, this blog is cancelled. However, I will do it on another blog one day. The time I finish it may be delayed until the end of February. For now, I'll let you comment here.

These hold my opinions for the Miis from Wii Sports Club. Currently this is a WIP.

Differences from this and the one on my userpage:

  • This uses WSC Miis, the other uses WS/R Miis. Also, there are 111 in WSC, 100 in WSR.
  • This uses emoticons 'cos I'm feeling fun and wanting to look cool. The other used simple words
  • My hatred for the WSC Miis is more extensive and so my comments will be quite harsh and more punitive than the lighter WS/R tier. There is one more tier for sure dislike here and one less for sure like. Candidly, I prewarn you that no tier here except the one holding my best will ever supersede the "Living Legends". Heh, maybe even only the top 12 in the best WSC Mii section will override that.
  • There will be less analysis on skill, unfortunately, because I haven't and cannot see every single Mii perform in the sports. WS/R, being more popular, had all the demonstrations for me to judge its Miis.
    • Comments will be off until it is finished.
    • Mutual respect for opinions, please.
    • It's going to take several days (and a bottle, no, a tub of motivation).