Hi guys and girls.

So Abby is one of the cutest Miis ever, for me anyway. If you hate her that's okay, I'm cool with what you think.


Awww! I like her in Wii U appearance too... Now... YOUR HAIR?

 Even though she's below (yet near) Rie in personal rankings, I talk of and analyse her a lot more than Rie. Probably because the original Wii Sports/Resort is more alive than Club.

And thanks to my concentration on her, I've noticed something, and gained the guts to ask... what do you folks think her hair colour is? For me it's surely equivocal; I'd imagine her as a dark shade of blonde, maybe dirty-blonde, but through certain games in Wii Sports/Party her hair can appear a light shade of brown too.

So let's hair hear what you all have to say! Have at it!

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