Alright, dudes and dud-ettes, I'm going to come more calm with this this time...(*1)

I find the Wii Party rankings unfair. (*2) All pink males in beginner (Plus plenty of blondes, dumb blonde stereotype?), only the veteran (*3)/iconic pros get to be in expert/master, the glasses people being stuck at standard, the anti-pros being mostly clumped in advanced so it's obvious, certain colours at certain difficulties etc.

And in Wii Party U (Which came out before all of Wii Sports Club was finished), we've got the old/very young people glued to beginner, the boring people at standard, the master miis being all attractive etc (*4).

I know the Wii Party Ranks are based off the internal numbers (0-4 pattern, 0 being beginner, 1 being standard etc.) but that's more lazy because that's not even bothering to look if they displayed a stereotype, or maybe doing it SO there's a stereotype!

How ironic that the original Wii Party, which is based off the iconic Wii Sports Resort, is more monotonous than the bland Wii Party U. HOWEVER! Both are still at fault! 

Now, what was my point again? Ah yes, the Wii Party rankings put too many people of similar type into specific classes, making it unfair for them and stereotypical for us! I HATE IT! (*5). You can see it, can you not?

(*1) = Earlier this year I made a blog about the same topic but it was an aggressive venting out and lashing out at the choices. I didn't allow commenting there (accidentally).

(*2) = This isn't the Wii Party Wiki but it's closely tied to the Wii Sports Series and we mention it in the Miis' pages anyways, so this isn't as irrelevant to the wiki as it seems.

(*3) = Best Miis at sports who hail from the original Wii Sports and have their skills carried to WSR. I'd say the top 30 in total skill level. Come to think of it, they don't have to be pro a lot either!

(*4) = I've turned away from judging Miis on appearance (not completely).

(*5) = I did say I'd be more calm, not completely calm. Ah...

One final thing... Even if they don't match up to one stereotype, they'll match to another e.g. Tatsuaki being a veteran but still being a beginner doesn't exempt him from being with the other beginners who scowl.

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