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  • MarquessMark

    Edit of 24 Jan 2020: I'm sorry. I can't deal with this. Not now. School's flogging me like a Latina mother and many dark thoughts have compounded in my head. Therefore, this blog is cancelled. However, I will do it on another blog one day. The time I finish it may be delayed until the end of February. For now, I'll let you comment here.

    These hold my opinions for the Miis from Wii Sports Club. Currently this is a WIP.

    Differences from this and the one on my userpage:

    • This uses WSC Miis, the other uses WS/R Miis. Also, there are 111 in WSC, 100 in WSR.
    • This uses emoticons 'cos I'm feeling fun and wanting to look cool. The other used simple words
    • My hatred for the WSC Miis is more extensive and so my comments will be quite harsh and more punitive than t…

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  • MarquessMark

    Anti-Poofesure: adj. Having contempt for Poofesure and in opposition against him and his methods.

    I am anti-Poofesure now because:

    1. His anger has become a tool. It feels like he only gets angry for attention and not for legitimate reasons. It feels staged and abused.
    2. There is no hold on his vocal anger anymore. Not only is that earrape fuel but it is also makes him appear immature, uncontrolled, neurotic and unhealthy. You've got to wonder how much lifespan he's lost.
    3. Of his physical anger. He thinks he can just smack and buffet every Wii Remote's juices out and keep getting new ones. How many more Wii Remotes are left in this world, you uncontrolled freak? He appears increasingly violent and crazy with each whack of the remote and, relating to…

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  • MarquessMark

    I am going to show you the results of a game of Danganronpa Simulator ( using baseball teams. I still don't endorse Danganronpa. However, since Brantsteele's simulator doesn't have all the gory, sexual, vulgar or overly dark themes the games do, I'll make an exception.

    I don't know exactly why I created this blog. Perhaps I felt a bit of pride at the satisfactory outcome.

    I should warn you, you can't currently save seasons, so I took a few print screens; I was going to take some more but all of a sudden I was redirected to the classic mode, the simulator deleting all progress.

    Key points:

    Jianjun and Hee-joon became big suspects in Chapter 4 before other votes changed everything.

    Nick got suspected in every even-numbered trial.


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  • MarquessMark

    For your information, my patience is running exceedingly low in this period.

    Since no one replied to how I could change my Mii Ranking format, I'm going to change it myself to the common list, something like HowILoveIt's or Végégon's lists.

    I'm not condemning anyone. I'm just putting this out there.

    Capiche? That okay?

    EDIT: I just split up the tables and aside from the alignment of their positions (which really doesn't need to be fixed) it worked! I can read it all now!

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  • MarquessMark


    I would like to ask about something...

    I am thinking of changing the format of the Mii rankings on my page to be more accessible. My HTC Desire won't show more than half the table.

    Any ideas on what I should change it to?

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