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MarquessMark MarquessMark 2 May 2020

Lost my streak

Got caught up playing in Discord, forgot my daily work, I'm not sad but rather bored, still here I'll lurk. 

Please keep waiting everyone, I'll make it one day, 365 more days of fun, and then we can hooray!


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MarquessMark MarquessMark 22 February 2020

I'll be showing off my Mii (made by You crab)

I have a Mii identity now! I fit in! I'll just swank (show off) it now:

Super stunning, isn't he? Incredible, right? But, really, we should credit Nolan for his epic creation. Neat guy. Plus, he is the best person I could turn to, having the device and bright attitude; I lacked the former, so without him this wouldn't have been possible. Once again, thank you Nolan! 

What do you guys actually think of the Mii, if you haven't said already? Tell me in the comments.



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MarquessMark MarquessMark 16 February 2020

Oh? Did I cause a cataclysm in your activity?

Every time I post a significant thing everyone has an 80% probability of stopping activity. That makes me feel ditched. Is it bad timing? Am I so shocking? Are the higher admins discussing on discord my temerity to post uncensored opinions/choices/news? If I don't get helpful, informative comments on this blog I'll know.

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MarquessMark MarquessMark 10 February 2020

So much removal of bold lettering/badge trivia!

Goodness! With so much bold letter removal and badge trivia removal, I would've thought that one of you would have earned the Gerald badge!

P.S. I know why you admins did it.

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MarquessMark MarquessMark 8 February 2020

I'm going to tell you the truth about some of my "Living Legends"

On the subject of my WS/R "Living Legends" on my userpage, something's not been right and I have to reveal it.

I only started liking Miyu more than Abby because I felt coerced by HowILoveIt's ways. A term that captures the intimidation I felt may be... "dragooned". A more specific term for how I view it would be "browbeaten".

HowILoveIt wasn't being directly intimidating but his unique style of voicing his opinions on the Miis back in 2019 was scary and full of attitude. I thought attitude was as cool as Sonic The Hedgehog (YMMV on this simile) but Alberto effectively deconstructed that trope. He was blunt and strict, no nonsense, and pretty realistic. He had a lot of snark up his sleeve too, ready to roast and toast any naysayers/disliked M…

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